Ghana 2008: Ghana versus Nigeria

Ghana 2008 Photos The Black Stars of Ghana will be clashing with the Super Eagles of Nigeria this Sunday 3rd February 2008 at the Ohene Djan Stadium in Accra. It promises to be a touch encounter since the Black Stars will be playing on home soil and have lost no match so far while the Super Eagles will be giving it their all in a bid to proceed to the Semi-Finals.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. i think the super eagles are going to go all out against the black stars, i think they have learnt enough lessons during the pre-finals. it’s not worth escaping such early exit from the tournament, if they will not go all out against the black stars and win. Overrall, I believe the Eagles will win.

  2. Nigeria Win? LOL i don’t think so. I’ve heard too many chants of “Ghana must go!!” this year to even considerus losing . Ghana must go, my ass. Ghana must go to the final and win it.

  3. super eagles are ranked number 1 in africa… of course we are going to destroy the black stars… we will disgrace ghana in front of thousands of their fans… GHANA MUST GO indeed,,, naia gotta move on

  4. Now we have beaten the Eagles to it. Congratulationas Ghana Black Stars and better luck next time Eagles. Please don’t multreat our fans. It ia all but a game. One wins and one loses. Next time it might be Nigeria. Let’s enjoy now because it is our time.:mrgreen:

  5. ghana has stamped its authority on nigerians. the match was such a beautiful one for Ghana.
    Go black stars Go. nigerians are forever second to Ghana. no dispute. all the same, Ghana has done well in this tournament as compared to Nigerians. charlie, the ghanaian side is stronger and more experienced. abe!

  6. Oh forget it, there’s no way nigerians will be second to ghanaians. it’s just a game n it’s ur turn. n u kno when we rise up again no body will be able to say a word. and we gon be on every news on every mouth on every dreams. Go Nigeria. i’m proud to be a nigerian no matter the situation. cos i kno we are one in a million. i can’t deny that cos it’s the fact. God bless my mother land Nigeria

  7. we all know people fall, face difficulties and crisis. but they always rise again, and the bloom, the shine. that is nigeria! and so we gon rise again. n none of u will say nothing. cos you know we are always ontop! and you just can’t handle that yea. well it’s better u start handling it. and 4 u guys trying to kill us, man u can’t kill a big city like nigeria. you can’t even kill Lagos not to mention the 36 states in nigeria and the hundreds and hundreds of local governments in those 36 states. so get a life

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