Ghana 2008: Official Website Hacked

Joy FM reports that the official website of the MTN Africa Cup of Nations (Ghana 2008) tournament, was hacked earlier today by hackers claiming to be Moroccans who are avenging the defeat of Morocco by the Black Stars of Ghana last Monday.

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  1. Hey Dave!!! long time man!!! envy and jealousy attack me each time I see all the spectators in the stand!!!

    Take care. Sunday is a very big day

  2. Thatz a very pathetic thing to do.
    It won’t put them back in the tournament so whatz the need?

    They have to prepare well for the next nation’s cup

  3. firstly the hackers were ALLEGED to be Moroccans. might or might not be true…if i was a hacker sounds like a cool reason to give.

    secondly shame on CAF for dissappointing website wise time over time. what the f*ck is! special CAN 2008 website my ass. wikipedia does a better job (more reliable overtime….info when you need it) of stats tournament wise then the official ish!

  4. I think the Cameroon Team should be disqualified and sent home as a matter of urgency for the incident which occured during the semi-finals macth against Ghana.

    The incident involved the pushing pushing or striking of an official by a Cameroon player.

    This behaviour is not acceptable in any circumstances. We must remember that the whole world is watching the tournament taking place in Ghana and most importantly South Africa will be hosting the world cup in 2010 and therefore a clear message should be sent as a deterent to others.

    Action is urgently required in this matter.

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