Ghana 2008: I’m feeling patrotic

Ghana 2008 Photos: Some Nigerian fans outside the Ohene Djan stadium on 20th January 2008. Photo by Oluniyi David Ajao. It is that time again – when football fever holds the entire nation for weeks. This time, its an African tournament – the MTN Africa Cup of Nations (Ghana 2008) and here in Ghana, the fever is rising by the day. The whole of Africa (especially the 16 participating nations) is gripped and ready with a bated breath, to see who ultimately lifts the trophy on the 10th February 2008. Will it be the host nation Ghana? Nigeria? Cote d’Ivoire or the last host/winner Egypt? What about Cameroon?

I wish I had more time to cover this event the way I wanted, but the son of man has to survive. However, I will attempt to make an entry every day about Ghana 2008, whilst the tournament lasts.

Ghana 2008 Photos: Some Ghanaian fans outside the Ohene Djan stadium on 20th January 2008. Photo by Oluniyi David Ajao. Its a nice thing that I am in Ghana whilst the West African country hosts the 26th edition of the African Cup of Nations; the football championship of Africa. Already, many events have taken place over the past few weeks and days all geared towards this biennial tournament. FIFA President Sepp Blatter is in the country, and so is the UEFA President as well as CAF Chairman and other top officials from CAF. All four stadia are ready and so is the media.

The frenzy is very high here in Accra. Flags of Ghana adorn just about every building, car, structure, caps, shirts, – just about everything.

My core interest in this tournament would the performance of Nigeria’s Super Eagles. If I were to predict the ultimate winner, I’d say it’d be a game between Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire. As fate would have it, Nigeria’s first match is against Cote d’Ivoire in Sekondi (Western Region of Ghana) this Monday Jan 21st . If I am able to get a ticket on time, I will be there live-and-direct to cheer the Super Eagles of Nigeria to victory. Once again, I’m feeling patriotic. Go 9ja! Go for the cup!!

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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  1. Nice Post,but I really do not think Nigeria will win the cup this time.This might be the best preparation we have had in recent time but that does not still give me the Assurance that we may win.I this the best thing for us is if we crashout in the first round,It will be the best thing to happen to Nigerian football as it will make the officials think for the future I hate that win win win attitude of Nigerians,the 2010 world cup is at the corner and yet we have not foundation , Nigeria 2009 fifa youth championship is not far fetched and we dont even the new Coach.Sentiment Apart we dont deserve the cup

  2. u are so unpatriotic abayomi. Are you telling me that in your place of work you don’t fail or even in school? i don’t know about you but i have no other country apart from 9ja so i’m behind the super eagles and so is God. sentiments ko,sentiments ni!

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