Ghana 2008: Where are the match tickets?

Ghana 2008: Nigeria Vrs Cote d'Ivoire in Sekondi If there are any problems with the organization of the MTN Africa Cup of Nations (Ghana 2008) tournament, the artificial scarcity of match tickets will definitely be one of them. One simply can’t seem to get cogent information as to the whereabouts of the match tickets. They have suddenly grown wings and are now elusive – only to be acquired if you are willing to part with at least 3 times the normal fee printed on them. Why?

As early as November 2007, I had been following the media to track information about when Ghana 2008 tickets would be on sale. All I got was, tickets were not yet available and would be on sale at Ghana Post offices, Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) branches. Exactly a week to the opening ceremony, I watched the Chairman of the Ghana 2008 Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Dr. Kofi Amoah in a LIVE interview on a special edition of Kwaku One on One on TV3 still saying tickets were almost ready. During the week before the opening match, I watched TV3 News presenters admit that they had not even caught a glimpse of one of the match tickets.

Same week, I went to the Ghana Post office at Circle. The notice was there: Ghana 2008 tickets on sale but when I enquired, I was told tickets for the opening match were sold-out. I asked about the tickets for the matches in Sekondi (where Nigeria would be playing) and was told I had to go to Sekondi/Takoradi for those.

Ghana 2008: Nigeria Vrs Cote d'Ivoire in Sekondi On the day Nigeria was playing its first match which was against Cote d’Ivoire, I travelled about 200 km to Takoradi to buy a ticket for myself and then watch it at the Sekondi stadium. On my way, I was listening to Joy FM‘s Super Morning show and learnt that tickets where on sale at Radio Max in Takoradi. I smiled at my fortune. Getting to Radio Max, I was told the tickets available where brought-in by some entrepreneur. Bottomline? I had to part with more money if I really wanted one.

  • North/South Stand tickets whose real value were GHC 4 were available for GHC 20!
  • East Stand tickets whose real value were GHC 15 were available for GHC40!

Of course I was desperate. I couldn’t have travelled 200 km only not to enter the stadium. Could I? So I asked for the East Stand tickets and after waiting for about 10 minutes, I was eventually told they were sold-out. Phew! Meanwhile, the same radio station had a promo live on air offering free tickets to folks who could answer simple questions about Radio Max. I don’t live in Takoradi and couldn’t have answered the questions.

I quickly asked the taxi driver to take me to the nearest ADB branch. There I was told tickets were sold-out 2 weeks ago! Hard luck? I wasn’t about to give up so I quickly asked to be taken to the main Ghana Post office in Takoradi. Same story. Tickets are sold-out but the gentleman I spoke with said I could still get one if I was willing to part for more money. šŸ˜‰ After so much waiting and haggling I eventually got an East Stand ticket for GHC 45.

Ghana 2008: Nigeria Vrs Cote d'Ivoire in Sekondi After the terrible experience with getting a ticket and difficulty with getting back to Accra that night, I decided it wasn’t worth going through all that again to watch the other matches involving the Super Eagles of Nigeria. What made matters worse is that the Super Eagles were performing way below expectation so I felt it wasn’t worth the stress.

This evening, the Super Eagles having qualified, by some stroke of luck, for the Quarter Finals of the tournament, will be meeting the host country Ghana at the Ohene Djan stadium here in Accra. Same old story. The tickets are simply no where to be found. If don’t believe me, watch the video below:

So I ask again? Where Are The Tickets???

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