Ghana vrs Brazil (Final countdown)

After the Black Stars of Ghana defeated the USA team last week, the fight is now against Brazil, in the second round of the World Cup tournament.

Can you predict the outcome of this encounter? Share your thoughts.

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  1. No one should cry fowl. Ghana lost miserably to a better side. 3 – 0. Kazey would be laughing right now. 😐 😥

    Most people interviewed on TV here in Accra (capital of Ghana) claim ALL THREE GOALS WERE OFFSIDE! Well, my point is, fine the goals might be off-side but why didn’t the defenders stop the ball anyway? Especially the third goal, why didn’t the keeper make a proper attempt to catch the third goal which swifted between his shoulder and head?

    Isn’t it safer to catch a ball and then point to the refree that its offside rather than allow the ball in and then cry fowl?

    Why did Ghana loose so many chances of scoring? Why do they suddenly develop “leg-flu” when they face the Brazilian keeper? So many questions.

    Some guy was interviewed on TV here yesterday and he was saying Ghana would beat Brazil 3 – 0. The cheek of it!

    I really wanted Ghana to win, but 3 – 0 would be asking for too much.

    The Brazilians simply proved that football is not entirely about ball possesion, dribbling, crying foul, but SCORING.

    Accra is quite tonight.

  2. All in all the Ghana Black Stars have done their best to reach the knockout stage, but onething is that for my decision is to get a striker who can score goals and also put a shot any time he reach the eighteen box.The Brazilian team are so difficult to beat them and most of the skillful players are there.So what i want to tell Ghanaians is that, we must keep quite because if it was Black Stars whom beat the brazil they will nerver shout that it was off side.The better way for them is to come and do their home work well.


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