How much are you willing to pay for DStv Mobile?

I have received a lot of angry complaints in the comments area of A review of DStv Mobile and Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition from Nigeria, after DStv Mobile removed SuperSports 3 Nigeria (SS3N) from the bouquet of TV channels. SuperSport 3 is a 24 hour soccer channel. SuperSport 3 has the exclusive rights of telecasting the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, the FA Cup and other major soccer tournaments in most African countries.

DStv Mobile offers TV broadcast to select mobile phones in some African cities
DStv Mobile offers TV broadcast to select mobile phones in some African cities

I have republished a few of the comments below:

LEKAN from Nigeria: wrote on October 5th, 2010 at 9:58 am

Removing ss3 is absolutely breach of contract i think this people ass mtn,dstv need to be sued,99% 0f nigeria subscribe to it purposely because of ss3 and this the only channel we enjoy the rest are junks,something need to be done fast to stop these cheat and reaping nigerian of thier hard earn money,something they cant do in south Africa. habi

jeffery from Nigeria: wrote on October 2nd, 2010 at 5:40 pm

i wonder why d sudden disapperance of ss3n on my phone does it mean we r nt goin 2 get it back again i c no reason why d channel shld b discarded like dat is the only station i enjoy most on my phone pls guy when is it goin 2 b restord cuz i cn c my self goin 2 lagos o o

Akinbinu Rotimi from Kano, Nigeria: wrote on October 2nd, 2010 at 1:52 pm

I thought i was alone. I was amazed when i could not view ss3 on my Nokia 5330 Phone. Pls,Niyi,how do i subscibe to bring it back. I am ready to pay any amount 2 have access to that Channel.

I shared these sentiments with a top MTN Nigeria official when I met her at a conference recently. Her explanation was thus:

The broadcast rights owners of the European League matches requested to get paid for the matches being broadcast on DStv Mobile. DStv explained that the mobile TV service was on pilot basis and thus temporarily free of charge. EPL broadcast rights owners would have none of that. The result is that the channel was removed from the mobile service.

She concluded by asking me to throw this question out: How much are you willing to pay for DStv Mobile?

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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  1. Good question.

    The truth be told, DStv should have factored in the issue of rights
    when they started the mobile tv thing.

    Well, I’ll be willing to pay not more than N500 for a monthly subscription.

    Yemi, Nigeria

  2. am not going 2 pay a dime 4 dat rubbish i see on Nigeria’s dstv mobile. God 4bid, make i pay money dat very boring african magic hausa, magic world, african magic english, tbn, nta, sport blitz, ss9… Its almost all d channels, what a shame on 9ja 419 mobile netwks

  3. 4 real compared 2 dstv smallest bouquet, 500naira a month will b d best cos mst of us still subscribe in our respective homes. It will b really reasonable.

  4. #500 a month it should be and nothing else but they should really spice it up a little bit with a movie channel or something please,its too dry.

  5. Its a sad story dat foreigners r fund of sayin dat nigerians r 419 and we r doin it 2 ourselves,Reap us off our HARD EARN MONEY.I leave d rest 2 GOD

  6. Its 2 sad dat mtn in Nigeria is a FRAUD.Dey v a legal dept dat could interprete wat FRAUD is.As much as i enjoy SS3,i cant pay more dan 100 a mnth or i BRAKE MY MTN SIM,sins i must use it 4 dstv mobile,becos no 1 cals me on it.

  7. Subscription to DStv mobile is R39 per month but as an introductory offer, it is free until the end of March 2011.

    which is 5.58 us dollar

  8. I also am of the opinion that it should not be more than N500 per month, cos left to me, SS3 was the only reason I bought an MTN Line.

  9. Its a pity dat we cant stop dis Mtn’s fraud n cheat 4 yrs nw. Dstv mobile shdnt b more than 1000 wit SS3N or else 500. All other station on dstv’s r RUBBISH. Thank God their SIM is useless to me.

  10. I’m tired of d junks given 2 me as channels.Can u pls restore us ss3.even if we have 2 pay 4 transmittion.Also the exclusion of nigerian viewers from matches shown ss7 and ss9 without explaination.

  11. i realy dont undstnd why nigeria is not getting better.well i think its bad rulaship.more than3000 people have dvb-h service on demand in imo state but nig nigeria communication sector are not considering that.but uprade the channels and increase them. 1500per mnth can for 25 good channels.

  12. Mtn is a fraud,all d chanels are wack without ss3,e,mnets,bet,discovery,if ds are there ill pay 500 per month,unless ill sell d phone

  13. Pls I want to comfirm if the service’ll be closed by 31 march 2011, Had it being it occurred to me, I wouldn’t have bought it just 2 days ago. (20 march 2011). what a waste….

  14. i think N1000 monthly is just fine for a start,but i am of the opinion that mtn should restore SS3 if they want us to pay.

  15. i think N1000 monthly is just fine for a start,but i am of the opinion that mtn should restore SS3 if they want us to pay for the services

  16. #1000 is ok provided d selection of the channel are worldclass. For soccer loving fans SS3,SS7,SS5,SS9 nd blitz should b d minimum standard, for news around the world CNN,BBC WORLD,SKY NEWS and Aljazeera.for entertainment channel O, mtv base nd soundcity is ok others include discovery channel, AIT instead of Nta,mnet series,m-net,africa magic,ESPN,NATIONAL geographic.with this a thousand or a thousand five hundrd is ok.

  17. 1000 or 1500 is perfect provided SS3 is restored.i cn pay 1000 4 SS3 evn if other channels r nt there.wfout SS3,d dstvmobile project is a scam&i bet u,mtn wl lose patronage&they shld nt 4get they have a competitor in glo now who would be ready 2 seize d opportunity.SS3 must be restored nw nt nxt season plsss!

  18. since dat i bought my nokia 5330 dstv mobile edition i have not been able to watch any channels, it keep saying purchase subscription. please what do i do to any me have acess to all the channels?

  19. since dat i bought my nokia 5330 dstv mobile edition i have not been able to watch any channels,it keep saying purchase subscription. please what do i do to have acess to all the channels?

  20. Hi! I am from south africa and i also got dstv mobile and i really think that multichoice needs to add some channels to dstv mobile to their existing channels
    i think lots of people like me with dstv mobile they want to watch movies,music and enjoy discovery wild life of which dstv mobile its not offering to us at the mobile
    and i understand that on dstv mobile we have channel O,trace for music
    but what the movies channels like m-net movies
    these are the channels that we are looking for
    not these junks like africa magic,sony max and cn
    multichoice pls for us in south africa dstv mobile suscribers pls add for us channels like m-net,bet,discovery,vh1&Rhema
    but m-net its really on demand at the moment

  21. What is happening to DSTV Mobile now as we do not have access to Big Brother Africa Amplified. I have rescanned and rescanned but to no avail. Have we been cut out from viewing this again?

  22. it should be a fraction of what we pay for the lowest bouquet on real DSTV. say N300-N700. But they should include MNET and SS3Ni at least to make it attract more interest and give them more subscribers to make the mass to sustain the service. the existing channels are barely worth N250. Pls why did MTN remove bambarity … the Special number N250/month unlimited call.

  23. mtn n dstv are rubbish,had i known i wodn’t ‘ve bought dat phone becoz it’s useless 2 me,notin 2 n dstv are fraudsters-as far as gud nigeria are.

  24. as at today 31 may 2011, the dstv channel in my phne has been reduced to 2 (nta, channel O) does this means free access has expired? Nd if they are to charge us let them add more channels, like mnet, mnet ser., al jazeera, ss3 e.t.c. Let us enjoy our hard earned money

  25. It’s right. Mtn and dstv disappointed us. How can you advertise the dstv mobile phone with SS3N then later removed with the deceitful reason that they don’t hv the right? Anyway,they fool themselves not us! If they wish, SS3N should be returned or they’ll not hv any penny from me. Useless channels! They are not even educative but instead bombarding the phone with music and big brothers ,just corrupting the society. Also, are we kids for us to watch cartoons? Only the news that is ok and I could watch that for free elsewhere.

  26. what can i do to enjoy the free to air chanel, because i believe the part of Nigeria i’m living ( WARRI ) is a low ground which is making it difficult to receive signals from those kenya stations.i blind scan every moment with my SRT 4669 X HD with well positioned dish but nothing new,i have these dishes in position.Eutelsat4,INTELSAT,NSS,and ASTRAL2b all ku.can any help com for especially for those kenya chanels.

  27. I had this same problem last year August (2010). I decided to sue Multichoice in this regard. The matter is now sub judice before the High Court of Lagos State, so I won’t comment further but when the suit is over, I will let you chaps in. Takia

  28. DStvmobile and MTN are not yet ready for Nigeria. Until they do and we see the quality of programmes they can provide, debate on the cost should be suspended.

  29. i need another internet tv not dstv pls i want no how many MB it will cost me to watch internat tv up to 6hr a day i wan to put the sowftwere in my laptop.bc i no with internte asess i can gate more station without dstv thanks

  30. I like dstv mobile when they can be able to give us current matches, not u have dstv mobile when match is going on, u still go and pay for another place. is bored pls.

  31. epl match,even when about three to five top teams in epl is playin u can’t watch any one,no ss3,ss7 and even ss10.the only ones can get is ss9 and ss selet and is just like having dstv mobile in nigeria is useless because u can’t even enjoy the purpose is meant for and nt everybody have the time going to viewin centre to watch live matches especially epl.dstv can increase the subscribtions fee but give the people what they need and mtn and glo should do more by talkin dstv for better services in nigeria

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