Interview: Ad-Connect spearheading mobile learning in West Africa

Oluniyi: Please introduce yourself and your company.

Chris: My name is Chris Umunnabuike, Training and development Manager. AD-CONNECT Ghana.  AD-CONNECT is the West African Dealer of Mobile Learning, Publishing, Delivery and Tracking solutions.

Oluniyi: When did AdConnect commence operations?

Chris: AD-CONNECT commense operation Aug, 2009. but Ithe company was registered in Ghana and Nigeria a month before the commensement of operation.

Oluniyi: Could explain the mobile learning services further? Who is the target market fot the service?

Chris: AD-CONNECT provides mobile learning and content publishing solutions to schools, corporations and governments. For now we are focusing on the Tertiary level.

Oluniyi: Alright. How exactly does the mobile learning work? Please explain the process in simple terms.

Chris: Mobile learning is providing learning and training to students and workforce using hand-held devices which includes Mobile Phones, Pocket Pcs, Palms,  iPhones and any portable device and these have to be GRPS enabled mobile phones.

From left: Adiel Ntuk, CEO of AD-CONNECT, and Ammar Shami CEO of Abjad Jordan.
From left: Adiel Ntuk, CEO of AD-CONNECT, and Ammar Shami CEO of Abjad Jordan.

Oluniyi: Aside GPRS, are there any other special requirements for such mobile devices?

Chris: Yes, it has to be java enabled as well, because the system accepts voice, pictures, text, and audios as well. We also see good internal and and external memory slot as an added value to enable students handle more modules coming from various departments but AD-CONNECT platform is mobile based, so, it’s more of compressed to minimize memory consumption.

Oluniyi: Interesting. So how has the service been received so far and do you think Africa is really ready for this service?

Chris: Thanks. The service is embracing great complements, only that people want to see where it has been implememnted already in the African school. Meanwhile, we have conducted a pilot project with Central University College Ghana, they’re so excited about it, and want to get it going for their school. We’ll deploy at CUC any moment from Next 2 weeks. Also, University of Nsukka in Nigeria, in conjunction with ITBS are receiving a pilot project as we speak in Nigeria. They have also shown great interest in the technology. Most importantly, it was the University of Ghana that referred us to Central, to implement it their first, then if it works for them Legon will then come on board.

Oluniyi: In a nutshell, you are convinced that Africa is ready to embrace mobile learning.

Chris: Yes, very ready. Our technology has a tracking system that tells you what the receiver is doing with the contents delivered to him, you can track everything. That is, content development, content delivery, and tracking.

Oluniyi: Where do you see AdConnect regarding mobile learning in 5 years’ time?

Chris: For now AD-CONNECT has a franchise for Ghana and Nigeria, but in 5 years, I see AD-CONNECT  taking care of the whole African Nations in Mobile Learning. We want the public to know that AD-CONNECT Mobile Learning is a Philantropic help to help build a better and affordable education to African schools.

Oluniyi: If AdConnect is philanthropic, what is your aim with running the service? What do you intend to achieve?

Chris: We intend to boost the standard of education in Africa, and to reward ourselve with a great legacy that will stand in the history of ”Education For All’ campaign. And to give our families a good reason to life as well.

Oluniyi: Sounds noble. What African countries do you plan to hit next, after Ghana and Nigeria?

Chris: We are looking at Kenya, because we’ve receive some calls on their interest in Mobile Learning. and then we look at Cote D’voire as well.

Oluniyi: Aside mobile learning, expatiate on other mobile related services offered by AdConnect.

Chris: for now, we offer bulk sms services in Ghana and Nigeria, Mobile Voting, Mobile survey, and we are resalers to McAfee Anti-virus as well as installations of mobile applications.

Oluniyi: How would you compare your company’s achievements in Ghana and Nigeria?

Chris: I think the competition is the same for now, but looking at the population in Nigeria and the number of the universities there, I think the future holds a great deal for us in Nigeria.

Oluniyi: Is Chris into other online venture aside AdConnect?

Chris: I have my commitments with AD-CONNECT on that matter for now, but I have many other plans that are online venture related, which I kept on hold for now.

Oluniyi: Nice. What does Chris due at his leisure time?

Chris: I love spending time with my family. And I spend the rest of my leisure time watching soccer.

Oluniyi: Times for your time Chris and all the very best with your endeavours.

Chris: Thank you Oluniyi.

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