The Chief Executive Officer of Jumia Nigeria, Juliet Anamma has disclosed that the company’s integrated and interconnected infrastructure and ecosystem across its 23 markets in Africa has helped to build a solid foundation for the company in Nigeria and across Africa.

She made the disclosure while speaking with some foreign media delegates who came to Nigeria to tour the company’s expansive Lagos warehouse located in Ikeja.

Juliet Anamma

“We built one integrated, inter-connected ecosystem that captures most of the simple day to day needs that people could do on the same platform rather than multiple platforms. That really helps in scaling the business, building one brand across the continent and building the same experience for consumers across the continent. Rather than just focusing on shopping, we included the other things people would normally do: order food, book flights, and hotels.”

According to Anammah, the deficiency of logistics infrastructure in the country should be seen as an opportunity, rather than a challenge. She stressed that the deficit allows for the aggregation of multiple third-party logistics players in the market because there are many people who have some logistics capacity, but they have not operated in an eCommerce environment.

“Infrastructure deficit is a challenge and an opportunity for the aggregation of multiple third-party logistics players in the market because you do have people who have some capacity, it’s just that they have not operated in an eCommerce environment. But we’re (Jumia) also creating a marketplace for them.”

“We’re trying to aggregate them and create a marketplace where they can have assets like tricycles, and small vans which they can use to deliver in different parts of the country. Then, we also provide the technology for them to be able to deliver the haulage we give them,” she added.

Jumia is building tomorrow’s African e-commerce infrastructure with online and mobile marketplaces, providing services to consumers and helping them fulfill their everyday needs. With technology, Jumia aims to transform and improve people’s lives.

The company is fostering the digital shift of the entire African economy through its different platforms and services namely Jumia eCommerce, Jumia Travel, Jumia Food, Jumia House, Jumia Deals, Jumia Jobs, Jumia Pay, Jumia One and Jumia Services.

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