Nokia enhances fixed wireless access portfolio with more options for 4G and 5G deployments

Nokia has introduced several new additions to its Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) portfolio that bring greater flexibility to FWA deployments. Nokia’s new FastMile 5G Gateway supports additional 5G bands to increase regional coverage, introduces new features that simplify self-install and integrates Wi-Fi 6 to ensure 5G speeds and low latency are carried to every corner of the home. For those operators looking to maximize their 4G investments, Nokia’s new FastMile 4G gateways and receivers deliver many of the same innovative features.

With Gigabit speeds becoming a new benchmark for consumers, 5G FWA provides mobile operators with a unique opportunity to capture new revenue while improving their 5G business case with bundled services. For converged operators, 5G FWA represents another tool in the toolkit to deliver massive scale access with a seamless mix of fibre, copper, coax, and 5G RAN technologies to overcome deployment obstacles, reduce costs and accelerate time to market.

The new additions to Nokia’s Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) portfolio include:

New FastMile 5G Gateway – The enhanced Gateway adds 5G New Radio (NR) bands to support deployments around the globe. It contains a high-gain antenna (11 dBi) to give consumers a stronger signal and more bandwidth. For operators, this ensures that higher speeds can be delivered to more subscribers over their Radio Acces Network. Plug-and-play features allow subscribers to install at their convenience, and compatibility with Nokia’s in-home WiFi solution ensures a seamless ultra-broadband experience is achieved in every corner of the home.

New FastMile 4G Gateway – New FastMile 4G gateways deliver up to 4dBi of gain and compatibility with Nokia’s in-home WiFi solution. For areas where signal strengths are weak, new FastMile Multiband receivers feature up to 11dBi of gain. Installation of Nokia outdoor receivers is facilitated with the Nokia Wireless application, which provides step-by-step instructions for installing the device and activating the service.

Nokia is trialling its FastMile 5G solution with more than 30 service providers and is starting to deploy the solution around the globe with operators such as Optus.

Jeff Heynen, Sr. Research Director, Dell’Oro Group, said: “Fixed wireless access continues to grow globally as both mobile and fixed broadband providers seek to expand the reach of their broadband services. Spectrum band flexibility and higher-gain receivers will be critical components for operators to deploy fixed wireless access services across large portions of their subscriber base.”

Sandra Motley, President of Fixed Networks at Nokia, said: “5G fixed wireless access is a critical technology complementing our existing fibre, copper and coaxes access solutions. With our new 5G FastMile gateway, any operator owning spectrum can deliver true fixed-grade gigabit services to homes and businesses.”

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