Paypal Nigeria. A request for Paypal service in Nigeria.

Paypal is currently not available to residents of Nigeria though its available in most other African countries including countries like Togo and Niger.

When would Paypal be available to residents of Nigeria?
When would Paypal be available to residents of Nigeria?

Nigeria’s economy is the second largest in Africa (after South Africa) and the banking system is one of the best in Africa. Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa and the 9th most populous, in the world.

I am sure Paypal is considering Nigeria but has not yet added Nigeria for whatever reason. My previous post speculated on Why Paypal features in Africa are limited.

Whatever their reasons are, I am using this blog post to agitate that full Paypal services be made available to residents of Nigeria so they can fully partake in global e-commerce.

Are you a Nigerian resident in Nigeria? Do you agree that Paypal services should be available to Nigeria? Share your thoughts here and now by posting your comment.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. American companies like PayPal are very narrow minded when it comes to global e-commerce. They lack dynamic initiatives to succeed in a country like Nigeria.

    Mastercard and Visa have been in Nigeria for a while, and both of them a recorded significant levels of success. I wonder why PayPal cannot borrow a leaf from these guys, by taking the bold step of coming to Nigeria.

  2. I think it is time paypal take the bold steps by getting Nigeria listed on their network.

    Nigeria still remain the best place to do business in the whole of Africa.

  3. As far as I am concerned, Nigeria still remains the best bet for Paypal in the whole of Africa.

    Therefore they should wake up and tap into the wider opportunities Nigerian has to offer.

  4. Its high time Paypal reconsidered this.Nigerians spend and want to spend so much online but there are limitations-just like this issue being discussed.However,am sure one day Nigerians will fully partake in the global e-commerce.

  5. Its best they come to Nigeria, Nigerian’s have been yearning to have this and personally I can’t wait to see this service in Nigeria. Some of us are looking at meeting people who are in “paypal speaking countries” so they can help them in recieving and sending payments to other paypal users. We are ready to do legitimate business so paypal should start now!

  6. Shouldn’t we have some kind of common front which is accessible to paypal where we can make our concerns known.
    By doing this, paypal will definitely respond fast to Nigeria. They should take a cue from this them telecommunications companies.
    “Everything we touch becomes interesting”

  7. Hey, i think that rather sit down here and whine about how paypal has refused to incoperate Nigeria, we should look for an alternative method of payment and popularize it. Paypal should be allowed to rot for all I care. We have e-gold, i think it behoves on Us to make it acceptable worldwide. We can popularize it’s use by requesting for it in all our websites.

  8. Paypal is a very biased company.
    They will come if only nigeria creates the need to show that we have business to offer the rest of the world that will require the use of paypal.
    Paypal is used everyday by nigerian boyz to pay for goods and online services illegally.
    So they feel that our nation has no need for the service for legit business.But that is wrong because Nigerians are becoming very dependent on the internet,and actually looking to do business legitimately with foreign partners,but the fraud quotient,the name we have been given even though we are not the greatest spammers in the world like russians or indians or isrealis.But the west has branded us.
    It is is up to our Goverment to launder our image.

  9. The world is jealous and envious of Naija…..they will beg for a place in Nigeria at the right time…around the corner who cares…

  10. Leave dem!! Den go beg.Useless people.I mean they have no respect.Na we do 419 first.Make den cool down O!!I dey vex. I think Nigerians should pressure companies to use other payment firms different from paypal.I think the Nigerian government and the Central Bank should know about this and ban them from doing business in Nigeria.I say den go beg.

  11. Being the originators of 419, do you need to even ask why paypal isnt in Naija. True that you cant judge a nation by one mans actions but one bad palmnut spoils the whole soup, until the shallow majority of good people overshadow the powerful minority of crooks, Naija stands to lose out of so many good things.

  12. Ray, this is not a personal insult, but a statement of fact: It’d take a very dumb person to write what you wrote. I deliberately approved your comment for people to see how weak your power of reasoning/understanding is. I am restraining myself not to insult you. 🙂

  13. Please dont get me wrong. I am not slagging off nigerians. I have many nigerian friends some good and some bad. Its no secret about how some people tread when dealing with them. All im trying to say is that the Majority of nigerians are good people but the small minority that have given the rest a bad name is what is depriving Nigerians of some benefits, If the Majority of Nigerians who stand for the good of the nation can change the worlds image the minority have given there is no reason why anyone would even think twice about dealing in Naija. My brother I didnt mean to offend you or your countrymen, Please forgive me.

    • Ray, I will call you a chav for such nescient comment “Being the originators of 419.” What nationality are you? I think you need to look at yourself in the mirror so as to procure your rightful image. Have you heard of the old spanish prisoner scam? If not go back to your history teacher.

    • Mr.Ray the perfect,

      ur country people are also in the game. SO just shut it.

      You guys in Ghana are just envious of us Naija people.

      If you dont have something good to say dont talk at all.
      This forum is about PAYPAL.. NOT ABOUT 419… FOOL

    • I understand you perfectly, and i believe that until we Nigerians can tell ourselves an home truth the way you did, we will remain a joke.

      But talking about PayPal, PayPal is not the only payment processor online there are others, we can always content ourselves with using those ones until PayPal realize the folly in using a few crooks way of life to judge the majority of hard WORKING Nigerians

  14. Ray, you started with the wrong foot. The concept behind 419 started before the country Nigeria came into existence. So, your assertion about Nigeria “being the originators of 419” is arrant nonsense.

    The essence of this thread is not to discuss 419. Any further comment about 419 will not be approved.

  15. the reality on ground is that things are change really fast here and if paypal does not cash in, someone else will. Imagine, I just got my mastercard here. something that was undreamable 5 years ago. They just need to find an intelligent way to deal with the Nigerian Stituation.

  16. men!! NA WAH OHHH!! Man wan start busineesss online thanks to pay pal i no gree see road wht i think nigerians should do is to call them and pressure them on registering us bcos the level don tire me ohh!!!!!it not reallly fair nor be we start 419 it has begin in existence since the creation of the earth cos satan propagated the idea to our first mom.So why get so personal abt it abeg lets start calling paypal tht master card usesrs are here in nigeria and they should include us in t he list

  17. Men if dem wan come, make dem come, if dem no wan make dem enter bush die.. Egold don dey Naija, that one better pass paypal 1million times jare

  18. Dave,
    Nice blog. I think i’d have to agree with one of the guys. We must find a way to pressurize them into coming to Nigeria or get our solution and promote it to compete with them.

  19. its just a handful of bad-eggs that have spoit the whole brood, as far as Nigeria’s online reputation is concerned.

    I hope one day, Nigeria can wipe away the stink.

    Scammers are not only in Nigeria. They are everywhere. Just watch American movies and you’ll see what im talking about.

    anyway, is there another alternative to PayPal, should one be interested in genuine online business opportunities.


  20. Not having a paypal account has denied me of many internet opportunities, it is easy to use especially for setting up ecommerce for your small biz
    Unfortunately the ugly tag goes on with our image in Nigeria
    Sincerely, saying ‘to hell with paypal ‘ is a defence mechanism that wont do any good.
    I suggest that a direct approach by Nigerians/Government intervention will solve the problem…
    …before you crucify paypal, try
    I’m having a feeling that the government policies of Nigeria is the brain behind our rejection

  21. It is really very embarrsing not to have Nigeria on the PAYPAL e-payment portal. On two different occasions that I needed to buy a training solutions, I couldn’t make headway and I would like to beg this PAYPAL coy to consider Nigeria in the interest of Nigerians masses who are being made to suffer and deprive of educational and other benefits due to this denial.

  22. Nna Obiiina, i Gbadun you jare But no Vex, Guys this is my Judgement, or rather this is what i will explain, Despite the Fact that Fraudulent activities are being carried out daily in Nigeria,The Boys doing the Stuffs are Just trying , as in dem never do reach Russia ..But as you will all agree with me all boys are not doing it on a Normal Levels anymore, they are Doing it on a Kentro Levels MetaPhy….
    2 iNTERNET ACCESS and Awareness/Computer Know how/Buga and Effizy Made other people Motivated,meaning, Every tommy Jick and harry In Nigeria Scams Not that there are legendary Scammers here, its Just that the people doing it are More than it should be and also ,Some people scam and tell the Victims, Yes, i scam you im Nigerian what will you do , some even go to the extent of showing a Man’s face on Cam after about $20,000…So when they make this Money , they still need Paypal,People are not scamming for ever, they are scamming as a Stepping Stone ..Brothers HE NO EASY and upon say Scammers dey correct honest guys when dey depend on forex like me dey ,so Information for Paypal There is no where on Earth that is Perfectly Perfect ,People are Vying for something better , if Paypal has it they are free to come , in the mean time ,let them talk to me first we can deal
    Peace Out

  23. hello all, i enjoy your contributions and all you have said, all your opinions and views all make lost of sense, to me having it in there record and marking the whole of the country red does not help matters, they are losing lots of funds at the same time Nigerians that wish to do legit business are also lossing much of money, personally i have being trying hard to open an account with paypal and have being facing lots of stress.

    How i wish they will look at there decisions and give it a second thought.its really affect those of us that wish to do legit business…..Please here us out..the Government should also come in as there are lots of opportunities online for young school will help a long way to check the cream rate in the country.

  24. Nice one guys. I just bumped unto this web-site while surfing for nothing really. But I should commend you (OLuniyi David Ajao) for varities of information and comments read from this site. I think you are fantastic.

    I will link you differently. But I wanna comment on few issues here.

    (1) ng.TLD
    You have just saved me from a heart-attack. I have a .com domain registered for years in the UK. Not even a single day of worries up till today. But I have always wanted to shorten my long business URL (s*********************.com) to something more manageable – but ending in .ng. This surely makes email addresses short and sweet. I was just about to start presurising a web consultant to substitute my .com with .ng. But you know what Oluniyi, thanks for your forum.
    I am alot wiser now.

    (2) Secondly. On Paypal Nigeria. Is 419 a bad thing? Not for me to comment here. Reasons? (a) In a situation where you have millions of intelligent and unemployed able- bodies, you will definitely have highly intelligent and able-bodied criminals. However, I am not laying blame on the footstep of the 419 gangs. Not that I condone these. But who 419 people more than our own past governments? Even more that that, Nigerians get stick everyday in the Western Media. (Either be UK, America or Continental Europe) about 419s. How ignorant and uneducated can these people be? Ok. 419s (Nigeria) fraud the rich, and foolishly greedy West by some £$million or thousands. But do we have the understanding that this same West have for so long and continue to FRAUD my great-greats, my generation and also the yet unburn children £$billions till 2moro and day after 2moro.

    We are only borrowing a leaf from the pages they fraudulently sold us.

    Then if anyone cares to look at the crime figures in the old Estaern Bloc, Russia, and even America itself, if my people are being called 419’ers, then these ‘so-called’ superior cultured beings are 41,900,0o0’ers.


  25. David Ajao, keep up the good work. I hope to meet you someday and do some business with you.

    If my eyes still serve me well, I can’t remember reading that Paypal has refused Nigerians their service because they think Nigerians are fraudsters. We just jumped to that conclusion.

    In my opinion, we don’t even need Paypal or any other foreign payment processor to make a headway online. What we need are solid local systems that we can call our own. For one, we have a population that can drive a very vibrant e-economy.

    Someone just mentioned e-gold as a good alternative and I can’t help laughing. I used to think e-gold was good too but now I know better.

    I run one of the most popular e-gold exchanges in Nigeria and in one year I lost close to N1.5millon to E-gold and their cronies. I lost $4200 to a very prominent E-gold Accredited Market Maker and this is even an American company. I also know another exchanger who just had his e-gold account permanently deleted from the e-gold system. Isn’t this the same e-gold our people are celebrating?

    Worse is the fact that even if Paypal decides to accept Nigerians, our losses will be more than our gains. We will lose more funds in suspended accounts than we will be able to withdraw. The funny thing is there is nothing we will be able to do about it because even our own Government sees us as criminals and parades us as such to the world.

    My point is simple. We don’t need paypal or even egold. My online ambition is to reach a point in my business where I will never have anything to do with any company outside Africa and even if the need arises, it will be on my own terms and not theirs.

    God help Nigeria.

  26. Nice to have such discussions about topical issues such as e-payment and e-transaction solutions for the Nigerian economy here.
    In light of this, i’ll sugest you all take a critical look within and find solutions to our problems, we cannot continue to be consumers of imported goods forever, its time we innovate and begin to be productive.
    Check out our very own for example and you’ll find out that Nigeria is very well on her way to developing long-lasting indigenous solutions to her challenges.

  27. paypal or egold. i dey cry oooh!. i do not need any of them, see, all of us for nigeria dey think paypal or egold.
    Abeg leave them all we no need any of them,what we need is Naira (kind of Webnaira) simple, the webnaira go dey credit and debit like the rest of ecurrencies simple. I dey cry because i no fit produce software. anyway,make some one who fit do software think inwardly and provide a means of payment /exchange. so that we for nija go use, even sef we fit do webnaira as a prepaid card for digital download. If you know say you fit do anypayment system abeg make you contact me i dey ready to assist any how i fit, anything to make online venture possible for nija . contact me if you need free services or brianstorming. i dey serious.

  28. Hi Dave,
    It’s fascinating to bump into your interesting post on PayPal. First of all I will like to disagree that the reason Nigeria is not favoured by PayPal is that Nigerians are 419ners because it takes two to tango. If a foreigner is not looking for ‘mighty’ breaks he could not have fallen into the traps of these miscreants. In any case to most foreigners, every bad thing starts from Africa or what have they been saying about HIV/Aids?
    Nonetheless, I must admit that some of us really need PayPal. As a freelance web programmer I found their transaction terms most favourable especially that one of the world’s leading web programming agencies I work with deal thru PayPal. You ask me, how I get paid? Yes I get paid but I have to go thru a windy and more expensive course. Please pardon me that because this is my business secret I cannot make it public but those interested can send me an email.
    From another angle, one can say that Nigeria is a big international market and without doubt USA remains one of Nigeria’s prominent business partners and if PayPal does not want to tap from this market, then they should go to sleep. They are the ones losing out!

  29. Hi Akin,

    I am interested in howyou get paid online in Nigeria as i would like to start an online business there.

    ‘would you please share??.


  30. Hi,

    has anyone intergrated/used to make or recieve payments?.
    Paypal is definitely ideal but as someone said earlier, we need to stop waiting for paypal and come up with a workable system for naija…..any ideas people?

  31. I stumbled on this site when i searched for alternative to paypal on google. David, I salute you for a good job. Now obvious, Iam not the only one facing the frustration of not been able to transact simple and legit business on the internet. Very unfortunate.
    I will deviate from the several arguments (and defences) about why corruption may have been used as one reason for denying Nigerians the means to grow their business over the web. It is an emotive issue whenever you think you are been excluded just because you are Nigerian. Terrible, really terrible.
    I have a paypal account (or should I say, used to have) tied to my account in the UK. Of course, I was able to open it because the Visa card was issued in the UK and hence the registration for paypal was to this UK address. But that didn’t help me for long. As soon as I started using my card more frequently on the internet to pay for paypal based transaction, that immediately increased the risk factor on my account. Paypal suspended my account becasue according to them, someone overseas (apparently referring to me using the card online from Nigeria) may be committing fraud with my account. Your account gets suspended and you have to reverify your details. The re-verfication requires that a call is placed to my UK telephone number and bla bla bla bla……Its almost a year now and that verification exercise has not been concluded to allow them release my account. So in annoyance, I stopped using my Visa card for any paypal transaction…
    I think we are in a dilemma….a serious one for that matter. As a largely consumer country, we are faced with a net outflow (of funds) situation all the time. All those who say we have a good population are actually confirming why we seem frustrated with this payment bottlenecks because we are all largely buying for goods and services. I bet if the world was buying from us, paypal will need no begging to add Nigeria to their list. So guys, lets work on products, services that we can sell to the outside world.
    This brings me to the issue of a local payment system, unique to Nigeria. If we have something that the world needs, then certainly, we can place out indigenous payment system on our websites and insist on this. I bet you will have foreign payment merchants registering to sign on. Then you can give the same conditions… a bank account in Nigeria, show proof of residence or business in Nigeria, transact in Naira instead of all these other currencies….and the list goes on. Unfortunately we are not any where close to that yet.
    On a more serious note, all these epayment system are only fulfulling the end time prophesies. The frustrations in not been able to trnsact business without these cards is gradually leading to desperation. If the trend continues, I bet many of us will be ready to do anything to get issued these cards including receiving a mark (666) on the forehead? God forbid. May be God is deliberately shielding us away from a global epayment system so that the last remnants will be found here at the second coming.

  32. hiii……everyone,i am a lot imp[ressed by everyones opinion so far,but all in all,i think ojo bello made more of the points pretty clear.I think it is pretty clear that the world especially the US needs us more than we need them,i dont know if anyone agrees with me.But come to think of it america consumes more of our oil than we consume any of their products,america with all its enhanced money e-money exchange system seems to want to show us that they are in charge.Has anyone,i mean any nigerian noticed how our brothers in the niger-delta seem to send the oil price on the rise anytime they attack,i guess in a way they seem to be sending a message to us the web guys in nigeria that if they can do it then we certainly can do better.Obviously,it is attention that we want and attention we will get.I think the problem is that the west i mean america are a lazy set of people who do not wnt to know how other financial system in other places work,they expect nigeria to operate like togo and others.For christ sake western union is an american based company and it is responsible for channeling the so called 419 money to nigeria,so why havent they be probed,the answer is simple,they make more money from nigerians sending money from abroad than the so called 419 money,number and IQis what we have

  33. It’s just about time that someone did something to this e-payment bottleneck or whatever it is. From the software development point of view, I know its not a big deal to implement, but I know little of banking and financial services. I also know that Nigerians are brilliant naturally and we can use all those of brains to come up with a solution to this problem. I dont think trying to bypass their so-called system is the way to go.
    The solution to our problem lies with us. If their is a potentially threatening system in place here, they wont be told to come running.
    To me, I dont see it as frustrating, but a challenge to we IT guys in Nigeria.

  34. paypal is not just realistic. How can a serious company include a country as hunger-ridden as Niger and yet neglect Nigeria- an economy included in Goldman Sachs Next Eleven, Africa’s largest and most endowwed economy. Fraud is not an excuse because fraud is possible in a weak technical framework and cannot easily be avoided in online business. They could as well go offline or delist US where and brazil where internet-savvy youths poke through firewalls effortlessly. Egold, Gold Bullion, mastercard, Visa, Lberty reserve have no such fears.

  35. I am impressed by all your passionate views really. I agree with some that say we should look inwards, yet some crave big multinational names. Which to go for? look no further. I found this online and I think it will solve all our e-commerce problems. its called ‘softpay’ how about that? go to and see for yourselves.
    Now theres no more excuse for internet biz startups… ok.

  36. I opened a paypal account some weeks ago and had to do so using Togo as my region, no thanks to Nigeria’s absence on the list. I also tried to open an e-trade US account by downloading the form from the net and sendind it via FedEx to the UK.I used my national ID card and a utility bill that identified me as a legal resident of Nigeria.
    This account was supposed to be applicable to all non-US residents however,days later, i get a reply to my mail box that i canot be atended to now or in the nearest future. I call the Vice President of the bank in the UK to ask why and he tells me Nigeria doesn’t fall within the regions covered- a more subtle way of saying:”you are all crooks!”
    My million dollar questionhowever remains; does it mean opening a paypal account is useless because its going to be useless to me? Does it mean i only get to see the money in my paypal account without being able to withdraw it? What if i have a family member or friend abroad whose information i can use when getting involved in internet money-making opportunities, can i then be able to withdraw the money from my paypal account?

  37. I just went through various comments on this site and i must comment David for providing such a unique forum where we can agitate for better treatment from the e-community as well as brainstorm into finding solutions to these monstrous bottle neck barriers that stand in our way to making e-millions as is obtainable in countries as small as Togo and Niger. I dream of millions each night but when i wake and remember how hard it is to earn legitimate money on the internet, i start thinking of seriously relocating to Togo or something. Its that bad for me.
    Why the hell is Nigeria the connosieur of the world’s eye when it comes to fraud? Are we the worst of all? There are and will always remain Nigerians like me who are simply geared towards making genuine and legitimate money online through the various avenues provided. SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING AS I MIGHT JUST BE ON THE NEXT FLIGHT TO TOGO!! Please, if anyone knows of any means of transacting legitimate business online without having to suffer this paypal palaver, get across to me via this e-mail address odijide[at] I’m not dumb, dont even think of using my box add to scam me cos im a naija thorough bred through and through. Just honest responses please!

  38. quite impressive are all opinions express here by my naija pal and I totally agree with you all. I have an hosting business and i believe some E-pay service soft as and and are here to answer our yearn to have online payment proccessor to remove the hassle of run to bank to effect payment to another merchant( as owner of an Hosting Company, I understand my Clients trouble from this angle) hence I will say internally the problem of payment is almost solve if we can rally round those service mention early. However receiving money from internet, I think we should just promote those service online or as last resort go and get dom account for now as it is easy with gtbank.
    Thanks and cheer

  39. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please? This is a very long post so please bear with me. I live on the Internet so kindly permit me to share a few views and my personal experiences. Thanks.
    There is no doubt e-payments is an issue we must address in Nigeria and the contributions here are absolutely fervent. Lets call a spade a spade. Paypal remains the number 1 payment gateway in the world because it is probably the only one that facilitates refunds and chargebacks. Their dispute resolution is impartial. If someone pays through Paypal and the goods fail to arrive, defective, etc paypal protects the buyer and I think thats fair enough.
    I used to sell digital cameras on Ebay. Ladies and Gentlemen on 7 occasions I got scammed by Nigerians who bought cameras on Ebay and I lost valuable time and money including Ebay listing fees. I was “paid” through paypal. As a Nigerian myself I didn’t fall for the scams. If I sent the cameras, paypal won’t have refunded my money because the Paypal used to pay me was a fake clone. Now guys Paypal is not going to add Nigeria anytime soon in the interest of their customers like me and you or anyone out there. I used to trade at I wrote to them making a case for Nigeria. They said they would review Nigeria’s exclusion but their customers had received lots of complaints about transactions involving Nigeria.
    Its true Paypal is not perfect. They can suspend your account and freeze your money at anytime.
    There are lots of fake Paypal clones out there.
    And its not every country on Paypal list that’s having full membership status. I have lots of guys working for me in India and they won’t accept paypal because it takes forever to have money transfered into their accounts. In Britain its just 5 working days. In my opinion it would be good to have Nigeria on Paypal list but it involves
    economic diplomacy on the part of Government agencies or lobbyists directed at Ebay the parent company of Paypal. So if we have Ebay Nigeria then Paypal is more likely to come in if the volume of transactions are worthy. And these are some of the things that will inform their decision to come to Nigeria.
    All our banks should be able to interface with Paypal for account verifications, money transfers, refunds, and so on.
    Address, telephone and bank account verification.
    Extremely important is that an acceptable product delivery system should be in place otherwise Paypal would have to be making lots of refunds for goods lost in the post. So we need reliable and cost effective courier firms, a well run postal system, etc
    An Insurance company would be required to safeguard Paypal against fraudulent transactions.
    Remittances of profits would be some other thing to consider and cost of doing business in Nigeria.
    These are some of the real issues. There is no doubt Paypal and Ebay know Nigeria is a vibrant market but the infrastructure is not yet in place.
    Lumzy mentioned and Brian which I checked and found to be Nigerian own home grown e-payment systems. How many of us are using them? Is there any guarantee that the transactions are safe? I didn’t delve into the systems. I am not knocking them. looked reasonably great to me. But how would they verify addresses?.etc.

    I believe the way to go is to begin to develop our own solid internal home grown ecommerce base. Internal internet trade. If I wanted to buy electronics from Alaba I should be able to do so online and receive my goods intact in Kano or Ogbomosho or Ogoni or Okigwe. Thats our first challenge. By the time our own ecommerce infrastructures have been tested and proven to be working, Ebay can come in and buy up all the auction sites in Nigeria similarly Paypal can also acquire every e-payment system out there so they hit the ground running. We have work to do at home. Lets build our country, We have a great nation. The real money is not even in Paypal. There is much more in Nigeria. If you agree with me say “Yeah” Thanks guys.

  40. Hello Everyone, i think in my own opinion that Akweuke make a lot of sense,though that would not be an excuse why paypal should not list Nigeria amoung the list of e-commerce nations.Paypal is needed in Nigeria as well as our own e-payment solution network made in Nigeria for Nigerians and the rest of the world.But there is something that amazes me, Ebay is a parent company of paypal and Ebay accept and process account from Nigeria,then why is it that paypal is not doing so?.

  41. my need to buy a book on the net has made me to be aware of this kind of seclution from the global e-market. well, i believe this can’t be for too long or we will make the best use of this as an advantage, i believe in hard working and well thinking honest Nigerians. pls, i will love to know which is an alternative to paypal and clickbank for trasaction on the net. The prepaid debit card i obtianed was not accepted. thanks

  42. sheshef,it depend on the website you visited to make the purchase.Maybe i can help you if need be.The paypal madness will soon come to an end.I think new payment processor platform is in making,i.e called M-commerce.I believe strongly that it would be an alternative to paypal madness.It would be launch by 31 december 2008.It has more capability than what paypal has and the good thing is,you would be able to send and receive money through the use of your mobile phone anywhere in the world.

  43. Why do we have to beg them when there are other options.I believe that if they think because they are widely accepted,they can constrain Nigerians from trading online,I think they should do a research and find out the rate of genuine online transactions done from Nigerian hell with them for all I care(sorry for my vulgarity)They do what a normal credit card’ll do for me or less!

  44. Men! I got lot of job to do online for example typing job which could earn me some money; but Paypal is the main problem. I think it is high time paypal consider Nigeria.

  45. Nigeria is one of the best market in the world they should comfirm from MTN, ZAIN and other network, is high time they know that we need this for easy online transation, there is no new business/online business that nigerian would not

  46. A Company will be setting up in Nigeria, that will be offering Ebay and paypal services. I personally cant wait they should be up and running by next month.

  47. We don’t ned to hide the truth about Paypal. The fact is simply that they seem to be having a kind of unwholesome thjought about Nigeria. This is not something really good. We Nigerians need Pay Pal. The fact that they include this country in their list of countries being rendered their service is creating a great difficulty for e-commerce in Nigeria. Please Paypal come to our aid. We need you.


  48. I have just found this site because I was looking up the boy’s You guy are talking about.

    I am just 1 American citizen. Just 1.

    I cannot even Count the number of Times a scam attempt has been made there are so many, 1,000’s. And Guess what, today there is nothing new. Except 1 thing. the scam today is a pay pal scam.
    of the 1,000’s of attempts to scam me, I would venture to say that 99.9 % of them are from Nigeria. YES, it is a fact. and I get them everyday of my life.

    I will tell you this, the new scam today is different, it is out of State: Oyostate
    Zip code ;23402

    and the street is : Akobale street off ring road ibadan

    I have no idea where this place is but this is the place that I am supposed to send my item to.

    I will tell you this: The USA is HUGE as you know, and every man, woman, and child above the age 10 years old associates the word Nigeria with Thief. “This is not an exaggeration”

    Of Corse you well know that some scams work on the US citizens that have originated in Nigeria. We call these people that fall for these scams ” MORONS “, “imbeciles” Complete Idiots, The most stupid people on earth.

    And we also call them elderly that sdo not know any better.

    There is a way for you to have a Pay Pal account, I know there is because I am faced with the decision to accept payment RIGHT NOW from a Nigerian Pay pal account. BUT! I guarantee you that only a scammer would know how to get it going, and only a scammer is using it.

    It is sad that so many people have gone so long scamming and being disshonest in your country that your entire nation has been labled by Billions of people as Thieves and Bad Buisness partners. I Truley wish it were different as I am a seller of a VERY POPULAR line of items that I know would sell EXTREAMLY well in your country but I am reduced to only being able to accept payment forms that are 100% verifiable to me before I ship goods.
    I sell KICKER car audio equiptment. But I can only do so by means of a legit MTCN Number because so many of you would steal from me even though I have the best prices on these items in the entire world.

    It is so bad that I have to have CASH In My hand before I will ship to Nigeria – if You are a Legit customer you will accept, if you are not You will insist on some other payment and all the red flags pop up and your deal is gone.

    see? You as a people have scammed your way to a hole you can never dig out of.

  49. I made a comment last year oct on your Topic:

    E-gold has been making significant strides in Nigeria. I think majority of us dont need paypal. 😉

    Guess i’m wrong now since E-gold is gradually falling Apart. I’ll say thumbs up for Paypal but they should removbe this restriction and partner with Nigerian Banks or Our Authorities to make it safer for We honest Internet Marketers to benefit from.

  50. it is only fools that get scammed. why should anyone be afraid of being scammed. if u are not smart enough, then stay away from the internet. it is not a place for fools, paypal would end up in the red as a we(nigerians) would for sure survive and grow in our business without then. a lot of other online payment means are coming up. a wise company would only think of how to outsmart crooks by applying counter scam strategies and techniques. The telecoms giants are all rushing to nigeria, the big forex brokerage companies are not left out. what are they worth, some cents as far as i am concern. Wait…. paypal and another subscript would soon replace you and you would never be remembered. FELLOWS NIGERIANS BE HAPPY, WE ARE A BLESSED NATION, THEY ARE ONLY JEALOUS OF OUR POTENTIALS. WE WILL RULE THIS PLANET ONE THEY. ‘IF OBAMA CAN THEN WE CAN’

  51. I believe all commentators are entitled to their opinions about Nigeria and Nigerians whether they are favourable or not. One fact remains. Our leaders need to do more work by being transparent, honest and accountable. I am a Nigerian but currently, I do not live in Nigeria. I am currently setting up a big office in Nigeria to be doing businesses in Nigeria. I strongly believe Nigeria is one of the best places in the world where sky cannot even pose a limit to your aspirations. Many companies that so many of us see or hear about today started small (usually in somebody’s bedroom). Companies like Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, EBAY (Owner of Paypal) etc. Please, let us learn how to be pioneers and stop clamouring for all these guys. If you live outside NIgeria, especially in Europe, you will eventually realise that Nigeria has a lot of potentials. But the problem is that nobody is usually ready to take a risk and sacrifice to benefit others. The day NIgeria’s disease is cured, that is the day we begin to really progress in Nigeria. If you will ask me what disease does Nigeria suffer from? It is simply “LOVE OF MONEY”. Try and trace every problem in Nigeria to the root, and you will find out that this is the only root of all the problems in Nigeria today. I stand to be corrected on this. If this can be cured, then, progress starts. Let us start curing this disease from individuals, and not necessarily wait for our leaders to do it. They have failed us, and they may ontinue to fail us. It will be a suicide to continue to wait for them. Let us put our own destiny in our hands. Say these to yourself and do your bit:
    1. If I can do my job that I get paid for without expecting any tip or bribe from anyone, then I have started curing Nigeria’s disease
    2. If I can approve contracts without expecting the executor to give me bribe before or after execution, I have started curing Nigeria’s disease
    3. If I can insist that a traveller coming in or going out of Nigeria abide by airline’s and custom’s rules without taking bribe from him/her to bend the rules for him/her, I have started curing Nigeria’s disease
    4. If I can stand for truth at all times in any position I am privileged to hold, I have started curing Nigeria’s disease
    5. If I can pass the above values and other good values (not necessarily mentioned here)to my yonger ones and my children and children’s children, then, Nigeria will be completely healed.

    While I do not believe that Nigeria will be completely healed in this generation again, I have a strong belief that some day, it will happen, because “For with God, nothing shall be impossible” (Luke Chapetr 1, Verse 37). I see genuine and honest individuals setting up companies like PAYPAL in Nigeria soon that will be acceptable all over the world whether they like it or not. All we need is divine wisdom and divine direction. God bless you all and God bless Nigeria.


  53. Great site Ajao keep it up.What Bello and Akwenuka wrote made some sense.I believe our banks and the IT gurus in naija should wake up to the challenge of paypal.Anyway you can check out Zenith bank and Fastecash.The have some services which someone can use.

  54. I wish the Paypal will come to Nigeria so we could be paying for a legitmate internet stuff and not this freak things we have here…

  55. As of now that paypal have decided to allow Nigerians and some other african countries to register, i give them some thanks for this action at this time.
    I will like the paypal management to consolidate their good action by signing a commendable business policy with some of our banks for nigerians to be able to verify our paypal account here in nigeria.You cannot regret this action as our accounts are truely verified by our banks management teams.If you can do this(paypal), you’re on your way to amass more profits than you can ever imagine. You have hundred of millions honest nigerians to business with for life. We’re looking forward to this good gesture soonest.

  56. Gomez, I’m not aware that the services of paypal is now available in Nigeria. If it is, could you give the url ( i mean website) for registration? As of today, Nigeria is not in the list of countries accepted on the default website of paypal;

  57. It is so sad that in this era, paypal is still this negative about Nigeria.They may actually have other reasons for their actions, but that is just how I feel. They seem to have become a necessity to us especially in the e-business, but if they do not want Nigeria, Nigeria also does not need them. We will make do with what we have, use those who has recognised us and use them well.

  58. The problem is not paypal, the problem is Nigerian financial instituitions not rising to the opportunity. Imagine if one of nigerias bank was to float a pan african online payment system. I mean, why not? Why does everything have to come from the west?. If we don’t do it, the south africans will. Then we will grumble as we are doing about MTN and DSTV.

  59. My fellow Nigerians,no matter what paypal or any other group thinks, Nigeria is a great nation and will still move to greater heights. The wahala is not paypal alone, there are many merchant sites I have tried to do business with but they wouldn’t because I’m a Nigerian. Somehow I choose not to blame them, it is our bad image abroad that is the cause of this. The only problem they have is that they are ignorant of the fact that Nigeria is filled with great potentials like you who are ready to do legitimate business. I just pray with time they will come to this realisation like VISA and MASTERCARD have.

  60. I was dissappointed when sometimes last year I visited paypal’s website to subscribe for an account to do e-business on the web. To my shock i realised that wheras countries like togo and Niger were listed, Nigeria which happens to be the giant of Africa and evidently the financial center of it did not make the list. I know that the reason for this will not be far from the criminal image created by unscruplous Nigerians globally. Nevertheless, let me use this medium to assure Paypal and other credible online payment coys that there are a teeming number of credible and well meaning Nigerian businesses eager to leverage the features that Paypal provides in order to do e-business. I appeal to Paypal to expeditiously respond to this need of the Nigerian market. God bless you all.

  61. Trully it hurts that Paypal has alienated us from its services but i hurts even more when we sit back and whine over that instead of coming up with our own solutions. The problem is that U need an account number from a Bank that has agreed to Paypal terms or have an agreement. None of our banks have deemed neccesary to look into that and serve this demand.
    As long as we will not do something about it. I would continue to have clients who want my services cos as a student in US i sure do need that extra cash that comes from opening accounts and handling transactions for Nigerians. This is the part that i like.Make una no vex.

  62. It’s quite a shame that an insignificant company like paypal could denie nigerians with legitimate businesses access to their service. Without insulting the intergrity of the entity called paypal, the word ‘insignificant’ is used b/c when you compare paypal with world player like Master card & Visa Card who are already offering service in nigeria and are recording billions of dollars in profit, that is what they are. If paypal says it’s b/c of the scammers, then paypal need not have me insult their intelligence by reminding them that scammers exist in all countries of the world including the USA. Paypal should stop shooting itself in the foot. You don’t solve a problem by running away from it but by facing it head on. Paypal face reality: Nigeria is the largest market in africa and if you decide to stay away from the most populous nation on earth, your losing billions of dollars. is gradually taking over the market here. Act now, while the ball is still in your court. This is business and i am by no means begging you to come to nigeria. A word is enough for the wise.

  63. pls u guys should consider nigeria buy providing this sevice to us and u should know that nigeria is a good country rather if u guys have a negative impression about us u should be to secure the service thank u we are know in new era

  64. Since i live in US and have been buying stuff for people and shipping them to Naija. I decieded to start out much moree formally and i’m currently working with a Ghanaian friend and we’er developing

  65. Sincerely, i have had a great time reading all your comments, most very deep and anger induced and some shallow and childish at best. What brought me to this site is the search for Paypal verification, there are other ways of doing it but that will just confirm the sickening perception bestowed on us.I really need Paypal bcos i have discovered that there is so much i need to buy legitimately on the net that i cannot bcos of lack of payment avenue. I will send Paypal a mail requesting for a way out, maybe a more stringent security for the meanwhile until well meaning Nigerians like many on this site prove to them that the perception is very incorrect and unbefitting of a people who are the Pride Of Africa. Tall I Remain Standing, A Nigerian now,A Nigerian Forever. Good People, Great Nation.

  66. My name is John Orafa and i’m a student in the US.What an entertaining read. ,Maybe i can help. In the past few weeks I have received over 125 serious mails from Nigerians seeking my assistance in a variety of ways ranging from:

    1: Paypal issues: Withdrawing their dollars, funding, verification etc
    2: Online payments on eBay and other e-stores.
    3: Using my address to receive VISA Cards, Magazines, Books,
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    These are just a summary of the things I have helped people with. However, I have decided to also help a few people hit it big and start a simple, safe, fast and easy online business; Paypal funding. Many Nigerians are finding ways to open Paypal accounts now and there is a rise in the market for funding services. What if U were the major Paypal funds merchant in Ur area? Well, if U would like to start it I have some good news for U.

    I am offering to open 30 Paypal Premier accounts , verify them with US Bank accounts (the best for Paypal if U don’t want trouble) and to fund them at the following rates:

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    $400 – $600 @ $7
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    These accounts will have my personal address and phone numbers as the primary contact address and the owner’s Nigerian address and phone numbers as the secondary contacts. In the incidence where Paypal wants to place a limit on it, I will stand in for my clients and provide every proof of residence they need (but don’t worry that won’t happen).
    Ur benefits will include:
    1: The ability to pay for and receive payments through Ur own paypal accounts
    2: The business opportunity to be the main contact for Paypal funding and online payment in Ur area of influence.
    3: The owner of a dollar trading business and selling at Ur own rates without competition in Ur area.
    4: Free consultations and information on how to best maximize Ur profits and gain market dominance.
    5: Access to my growing membership on Naija Business Group on facebook and my other online groups.
    6: U will also have my personal numbers and have access to me 24/7.
    7: U will always get Ur accounts funded at my special funding rates while U sell at any price U wish.
    8: U will never have to hide Ur IP address again to access Paypal.
    I also guarantee that if U find this funding service at a cheaper price, I will match it and offer it at that price.

    • If U smell a Rat it’s probably in Ur pockets. I have testimonials from across Nigeria. U can google my name and see for Urself. I had the same problem before i came to the US and have since been providing the service to other Nigerians and making good money, enough to even pay my tuition. Just Google my name. I also own and all under construction.

  67. How do I operate a Paypal account in Nigeria?…

    I received an email from Hassan in Lagos recently, asking for guidance on how to use Paypal in Nigeria. I choose to answer him publicly so other interested parties can learn from my answer to him. Find his message below in full, unedited:
    Hello David,

  68. i think i have a final solutions to any one who is still finding it difficult to open a paypal account in nigeria.

    over the years i was faced with this same problem until i came across an internet marketer that help me solve this problem. now i can proud of my own paypal account with funds inside. i have also been able to withdraw from this account.

    ask yourself this question?

    if you are an american or from any country that paypal accepts in their database and you happen to travel to nigeria or any country paypal do not accept,
    and you happen to have a paypal account when you are in your country, does it mean that you cannot access your account when you travel down to nigeria or any country paypal do not accept?

    the answer to this question is NO.

    all you have to do is to change your ip address or access your account with an ip from another country paypal accept before accessing your account in nigeria or any other country for paypal not to limit or block your account.

    so this is the same secret you need to know in other to operate a paypal account in nigeria.
    and this is the same secret i applied and it has been working for me now for 2years.
    so this is the same secret i want to reveal to all nigerians interested in opening paypal account.

    just visit for more details on how to verify,fund and withdraw from your account.

    this is the website that help me out this problem.

    please i will love the owner of this blog to forward this post to all those interested in opening this account,as these will help them solve this problem permanently

    nice2all is my name.

  69. it’s highly pathetic, having had two Paypal account opened and were later frozen because of Ip issues. I believe paypal is discrimating against the most populous black nation on earth. Paypal is not fair in assessing and assuming that every Nigeria is a fraudster or 419ners. Indeed, we are not all the same. We still gets honest people in Nigeria. If paypal is not ready to take the full advantage of the biggest market in Africa, i know definitely, that one day, another online store that bigger and more secured that Ebay will emerge and finds it of utmost priority to include Nigeria in its online market transactions. Ebay should go to hell if it is not ready to help and serve Nigerians.

  70. How are the other online payment gates working? I think Paypal cannot provide a secured payment system because their programmers are not clever enough or they cannot pay one to protect their system. The blame should not be placed on anybody or country.

    …..A few contributor’s comments here show that some are grieving.

  71. My fellow Nigerians,no matter what paypal or any other group thinks, Nigeria is a great nation and will still move to greater heights. The wahala is not paypal alone, there are many merchant sites I have tried to do business with but they wouldn’t because I’m a Nigerian. Somehow I choose not to blame them, it is our bad image abroad that is the cause of this. The only problem they have is that they are ignorant of the fact that Nigeria is filled with great potentials like you who are ready to do legitimate business.

  72. Can soemone help with payment using PayPal? I m trying to make an online payment, and paypal happens to be the only medium.

  73. We must not rely or wait for paypal to approve us. Technology is fast evolving and we have to seek for a way to open paypal account in Nigeria as well as verify it. I have been using my paypal account right here in Nigeria since 2007. I also suggest we stop depending on PayPal alone, what about alertpay?

  74. The problem is many fraudulent online cases abroad, are being labeled as Negerian s cams even if these were perpetuated buy people other thatn nigerians. Maybe there are bad eggs in the basket but certainly not all of them are from Nigeria.

  75. It’s annoying to need to make an online payment and Paypal is the accepted medium. It’s annoying because so many of us are only interested in doing honest business and it is discriminatory and unfair to judge a majority by the actions of a few.

    I wish I could ask Paypal to go to hell but… right now, they are all over the internet. So we have to keep pushing to have them accept us.

  76. This Paypal feature restricted from most african countries, especially Nigeria, would be fixed soon. Have read papers online, so lets just handon and wait till its done…..Here we go on Paypal….

  77. If Paypal doesn’t work try another alternative, Sorry for the Restriction. If your country is not listed among, send your comments to Paypal maybe It Would be granted, Or you visit their link Go to contact Us.

  78. If Paypal doesn’t work try another alternative, Sorry for the Restriction. If your country is not listed among, send your comments to Paypal maybe It Would be granted, Or you visit their link Go to contact Us.

  79. I went into internet one certain day to search for a part time job(online job) that will help me out of school; unfortunately, i saw one nice job in which they pay through paypal, but it was only problem i have. Pls those with power, help to see he it can be introduce in nigeria. For it can help some nigerians to succeed in life. Thanks.


  81. I requested a visa card for my dad because it’s very expensive to transfer money to them and I thought we have paypal down there in Nigeria so I can be using it and trying to open a paypal account for him, I discovered its no paypal network in Nigeria. Please Paypal we need you in Nigeria please. Regards.

  82. please i want you to forget about 419.paypal has more secure than other means
    our traders want involve
    our student want share
    our parent want collect
    while we have what ever to accept the process

    why naija

  83. Why should paypal discriminate, they are meant to help foster unity among countries but rather they promote disunity. As we all know most online business makes use of paypal as a way of payment most especially online surveys. I as a person participate in this surveys but have become limited cos i dont have a paypal account.

  84. Whatever reason(s) Paypal has in not extending services to Nigeria is a global display of economic dwarfism of her stratergic planning directors, if any….an understatement. I’m a Nigerian living in one of the fastest-growing-economies-of-the-world-countries, where our handsets are being snatched away from us by the locals in broad day light, yet Paypal is here.I think, someone like Mike Adenuga of Globacom and a host of others, should come up with something better than Paypal, since Nigerians have smarter and sharper e-commerce brains than most security measures/outfits of the world as confirmed by Paypal fears(woes) or better still, let Paypal employ Nigerians to design the Nigerian-special-package for them since they lack the know-how, in this world that’s a global village…let me stop here!

  85. Like most of you I feel insulted by the refusal of Paypal to include Nigeria but I’m grateful because I feel it has curbed our expenses in way and I also think has saved a lot of naive Nigerians from online scams. Nigerians may commit a large number of email scams but a lot scam site sites I see aren’t Nigerian so in my opinion, it’s stupid for e-bay to blacklist (yes I call it that) Nigeria. I’m in no way condoning the actions of scammers. Wrong is wrong.
    Paypal hurt you? Find an alternative.
    Can’t? Live with it (you’re Nigerian small things like this won’t kill you)
    Inferring from a previous comment; this may be your opportunity to start you own payment scheme and make it big. After all to think about it, how did interswitch & co start.
    The common saying “every disappointment is a blessing in disguise” for me holds true.
    Cutting off before I get inspirational 😉
    God bless Naija.

  86. I sure am not Nigerian or in Nigeria. However i am a son of Africa and i agree paypal has not been fair to Africa as a whole. In a few countries where Paypal is present, they are only allowed to buy using it not to withdraw money, In south Africa (the only African country to receive paypal) there are lots of rules and regulations attached to the paypal account. The best bet is to either use moneybookers which is international in the true sense or to start an African only payment processing system. Paypal sucks

  87. PayBox is still in development and it’s a “closed box” system for
    now. In order to “Open the Box”, we need a bigger user base. That means more users. If you
    can see the seeds of a great new service in PayBox, if you’re
    excited by what you see, please spread the word..fallow the lhe link and register you.

  88. This idea of paypal isn’t really fair, they should include nigeria and most other countries in africa, so we can make online transactions easily, like cashing adsense earnings.

  89. I actually came to this site cos i was looking for a way to pay for a $10 item on ebay. I noticed that the first post on this site was in 2007 and this is may 2011 and no changes…Alternatives anyone???

  90. These paypal are even full of themselves for Nigeria not be included in their service. I think they don’t want to take their chances with Nigeria, they are still naive i think.

  91. Well, i live in Nigeria and i somehow got a verified Paypal account. There is some lady who provides verified paypal account to non-listed countries. My friends too requested an account, we have been sending and receving money worldwide without any problems.

    Best of luck and keep up the good work!!

  92. Dear friends,

    It is very unfortunate that even the whites have a way of practising what is called segregation and this Paypal issue is one of them. How on earth should Nigeria not be listed in the list of countries that paypal do business with? Does it mean Togo, Niger and rest small countries that we support in many things are now better than us in reputation or what? It is painful we we withness things that are really stupid being done by the elites themselves. What does it take for Nigeria to be listed in there? We have all that it takes even better than most countries of the world not to talk of African countries.

    Finally, I want to state that Nigeria is the commercial king of African and as such a great giant. The only problem that we have is excessive dependence on crude oil products which has made it near imposibility to venture into the mighty Production Sector in which we are even more bellsed than most countries because we have real manpower and the many educated ones are on the streets doing one nonsense job or the other. This is where the Government of the day must come in immediately. The Nation mUst be known for PRODUCTION and not CONSUMPTION.

    Then, the World should know that Nigerian is never and shall never be in the list of never do wells again!

    Eric Ekwealuba.

  93. You guys are in your own world.
    Nigerian’s and send ebay items to Nigeria almost ran this company bankrupt. Their main scam protection was introduced for Nigerians especially.
    They have paid out millions to Insurance claims and goods not received.
    Our postcoding and address system is flawed, our security system is out dated, our credit system does not exist.
    The first rule of an online retailer these days is “Whatever you do, do not venture into Nigeria”.

    I rest my case.

  94. I’m surprised that we are in year 2011, and yet PayPal is not in Nigeria, whatever their reasons for their absence in Nigeria may be all they need is a good technic to differentiate people who genuinely want to do business from fraudsters.

  95. The problem with most western nation is that they like to think they are better than Africans and especially Nigerian in-terms of character. The fraud that brought the global economy to its greatest recession was perpetrated by their celebrated business guru. There is no form of fraud in Africa that does not have a bigger and worst dimension in the wester world by their citizens. I think they are just afraid of their shadows. Please note that before the infiltration of western culture, films and values into our living system especially in Nigeria, up till the late 60s people put their goods by the roadside here buyers will pick them up and put money there. Do they ever have such a culture in the western world? I rest my case

  96. I agree with Niyi to the extent that before, during and many years after the advent of colonial rule our ancestors used to openly display their wares but the fact is that it was not the colonial rule itself that destroyed our societal but the senseless long year mis-rule of our leaders and their greediness which in turn turn Nigeria economy to shred and lead to huge unemployment- in short it is bad policy and bad implementation of the few good policy that destroyed the envious value system of our people.


  98. Dear paypal, I don’t know whether you’ll come across this plea. Kindly consider my God’s own country, Nigeria We certainly desire and need paypal account.

  99. I presently uses Alertpay for my online transactions.

    I simply get use to turning my back on any site that i want to do business with that uses only Paypal as its means of online payment.

    You find many sites having more than one payment processors online, those are the sites i do business with.

    Actually i think i’m not loosing anything not using Paypal as my online payment processor.

    I believe it’s Paypal that is loosing market here, why should i be the one begging them to do business with me.

    They should be the one doing everything to attract my attention to them and i believe that Nigerians should get use to the fact that Paypal does not do business with Nigeria and should realize that there are other online payment processors who are doing business with Nigerians.

  100. It is pretty much clear that the days of Nigerian Scam is over, virtually all the cyber cafes have folded up, Nigerians are now aware of the limitless and Legit opportunities on the internet and they no longer have that time to start looking for who to scam on the internet. Paypal need to start researching Nigeria because in the Next 10years from now, Google Checkout will be just an inch below paypal and if they are not careful Google checkout might catch up with them.

    Google checkout allows Nigeria and virtually every other Countries of the world. PAYPAL you guys have got to wake up, more so eBay should start planning to invest in Nigeria. Kasuma and Sabunta might start chasing you guys very soon.

    Nigerians are proud spenders and love to shop online. I have study and research the Nigerian market when it comes to spending online. Nigerians are amongst the 1st 10 Credit card users online according to mastercard report.

    So if una like make una come, na una go loose at the end of the day

  101. Nigerians want but don’t want to change. The government well aware of the misdeeds of Nigerians and internet scams does nothing to try to police those in cafes committing such. The technology is there, but the government would rather swindle the money into their own pockets. As international companies began to identify IP addresses from Nigeria and limiting access, Nigerian scammers moved their criminal activities next door to Ghana. Basically, giving Ghana an up and coming nation with less “drama” than many other African nations a bad reputation.

    I want to send money back to African, but I don’t blame these companies for not wanting to increase their risk profiles in dealing with nations who will not work to help police its own people, espeically over the internet. Companies put protection measures in place so consumers feel comfortable making online purchase by guaranteeing refunds for fraudulent transactions. These companies would go bankrupt if they had to reimburse all the funds lost annually, especially to Nigerian scam artists.

    I’m sure paypal is monitoring the situation, if Google wants to take the first step, Paypal can easily follow and leap frog with their huge subscriber base. As a businessman and African, I don’t blame them…I blame us (i.e. Poor Government)

  102. Woah…I mean,is our reputation that bad???lol.I am scared o!I read all the comments today about paypal and couldn’t believe my eyes.but if you guys are making so much noise about paypal alone,what about clickbank and 2checkout,huh?May God help us.

  103. Paypal needs to be in Nigeria. Haba! Most sites are not yet accepting google checkout else, I’ll stop wallahing myself over paypal.

  104. Pay-pal should consider adding us to their white-list. As an internet marketer, i used to have problems collecting payments from my customers but till PayPal does what we want, i am using 2Checkout in their place!

    2CO is legit and trusted but no as much as PayPal and allows customers to pay me via PayPal and credit cards. It is best after PayPal. I have got it integrated on my site With 2CO, you can get your money paid to you in their Payoneer MasterCard. I can even use my verified fastecash or payza accont for salespage buttons.

    I could open a verify a PayPal account in Nigeria but the risk is just too big to take. Considering the fact that you account can get suspended and you lost all your funds.

    For those of you that are wish to buy online using sites that accept only PayPal, you can consider Pay4Me Services.

    All in all, we can succeed even without PayPal. Don’t sit down and keep blaming PayPal everyday. Life’s too short and time passes just like bullet! You can! “Padi do something… Kpamuregae!” :). Have a nice day my people.

  105. I think Paypal should pls include Nigeria on the list. there a lot of business i run online as a blogger which warrants me to have a paypal account in other that i earn money but because of me not having an account, i am literally unable. Its just unfair. Paypal should pls wade into it ASAP. Thanks Mr. Niyi, i will just add you on twitter and pls guys you can follow me on twitter @samuelkermis or read my blog on I love here………………..x

  106. Am I leaving this comment too late? I really don’t know if paypal has finally done the right thing. Please if you have an update info, send to @OsasuEgbe1. I would be glad to hear from you. Thanks

  107. These paypal guys are really annoying. I don’t know why Nigerians are not eligible to open paypal accouunts, its so frustrating. I have many online accounts but I cant just withdraw my funds coz of Paypal. Those guys should really expand their network to Nigeria and other African countries

  108. I believe soon Paypal will raise the restrictions on Nigerian accounts on the payment platform because of the teeming population of techpreneurs in Nigeria. Back then when I started Internet business, there was no way you could use Paypal in Nigeria; not even to make payments. But today you can make payments by linking your debit card to your Paypal account. This is how it usually begins, just to test the waters.

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