Telkom Kenya launches new voice bundle across networks

Telkom Kenya has announced the launch of the All-Network-Bundles, that will see customers on the network make calls for as low as KSh1.50 cents per minute. The bundles, spaced out into four tiers, will see customers pay KSh 19 for a daily bundle, through to KSh199 for a 30 day bundle:

Any Network Bundles Price (KSh) Validity
10 minutes any Network 19 (KSh1.9, per minute) 24 Hours
30 minutes any Network 49 (KSh1.6, per minute) 30 Days
66 minutes any Network 99 (KSh1.5, per minute) 30 Days


Telkom’s CEO, Aldo Mareuse says: “At Telkom, we are committed to consistently deliver more value to our customers across the different segments and make sure that Every Bob Counts through strategic investment and innovation. This Voice bundle becomes the lowest call bundle to any network in Kenya, ensuring Kenyans no longer have to rely on seasonal offers to get in touch with loved ones or run their businesses, most especially at a time when the Finance Act 2018 has made Voice, SMS and Data services more costly.”

Subscription to the bundle can be done by dialling *544#, and thereafter selecting one’s preferred bundle, with validity periods ranging from 24 hours to 30 days. Subscribers will also earn ZIADA points, on Telkom’s loyalty programme, upon the purchase of a bundle.

Mr Mareuse adds: “Telkom remains committed to further enhancing our customer proposition on our network, addressing the experience they receive and the value they get while on our network.”

Data, as well as Voice and Text Messaging, remain vital in driving mobile telephony growth in Kenya. To this end, Telkom has invested close to KSh 9 Billion into its network modernisation programme, repositioning its Mobile and Enterprise businesses, in addition to the rollout of its Mobile Financial Services platform, T-kash.

Mr Mareuse adds: “We continue to focus on the expansion and enhancement of our network: to ensure availability, enhance indoor coverage, expand our 4G Network as well as optimise our 3G Network, to boost our capacity in handling mobile data and voice traffic, in response to growing customer demand.”

Mr Mareuse concludes: “Our long-term goal is to build a holistic network that provides for higher speeds, capacity, quality and reliability, as we seek to further the expansion of our network.”

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