Web4Africa adds over 200 new Domain Extensions

Established in 2002, Web4Africa is a leading ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar offering hundreds of domain choices to clients worldwide.

The Domain Registrar has recently added over 200 new domain extensions to its portfolio offer under over 15 categories that make it easy for individuals, companies, non-profits, academic institutions, government departments and other entities to affirm their online identity.

The categories and domain extensions include:

  • Travel & Geography Domains
    .travel, .city, .cruises, .flights, .guide, .irish, .place, .tours, .town, .vacations, .viajes, .voyage, .cab, .limo, .taxi
    Technology Domains

    .codes, .computer, .domains, .systems, .technology, .engineer, .engineering, .energy, .solar, .software
  • Style & Fashion Domains
    .boutique, .clothing, .diamonds, .florist, .gold, .jewelry, .salon, .shoes, .style, .tires, .toys, .watch, .moda
  • Sports & Fitness Domains
    .bike, .coach, .fish, .football, .golf, .hockey, .run, .soccer, .team, .tennis, .training, .futbol, .dance, .rocks, .fitness
  • Shopping & Retail Domains
    .auction, .bargains, .cards, .cheap, .coupons, .deals, .delivery, .direct, .discount, .express, .forsale, .gifts, .kaufen, .market, .plus, .sale, .shopping, .tienda
  • Real Estate Domains
    .apartments, .camp, .community, .condos, .farm, .forsale, .house, .immo, .immobilien, .land, .lease, .maison, .properties, .rentals, .villas, .haus, .mortgage, .forsale, .market
  • Political & Military Domains
    .academy, .airforce, .army, .democrat, .family, .foundation, .gives, .institute, .navy, .republican
  • Photography Domains
    .camera, .equipment, .gallery, .graphics, .photography, .photos, .pictures, .studio
  • News & Information Domains
    .news, .chat, .directory, .fyi, .tips, .zone, .reviews, .media, .today
  • Marketing & Communications Domains
    .agency, .digital, .email, .marketing, .media, .productions, .social, .studio
  • Legal Domains
    .attorney, .lawyer, .legal
  • Home & Construction Domains
    .builders, .cleaning, .construction, .contractors, .glass, .lighting, .parts, .plumbing, .repair, .supplies, .supply, .tools, .works
  • Healthcare Domains
    .care, .clinic, .dental, .dentist, .doctor, .healthcare, .hospital, .rehab, .rip, .surgery, .vet, .vision
  • Food & Beverage Domains
    .cafe, .catering, .coffee, .kitchen, .pizza, .recipes, .restaurant, .wine, .vin, .pub, .fish
  • Financial Domains
    .accountants, .claims, .cash, .credit, .creditcard, .estate, .exchange, .finance, .financial, .holdings, .insure, .investments, .loans, .money, .consulting, .gives
  • Fun & Entertainment Domains
    .bingo, .casino, .dating, .dog, .events, .show, .singles, .theater, .actor, .dance, .live, .band, .expert, .jetzt, .guru, .world, .life, .live, .ninja, .cool, .exposed, .fail, .gripe
  • Education Domains
    .academy, .church, .degree, .education, .foundation, .institute, .mba, .school, .university
  • Business Domains
    .limited, .ltd, .management, .network, .partners, .sarl, .services, .solutions, .ventures, .support, .associates, .business, .careers, .center, .company, .enterprises, .group, .industries, .international, .enterprise

Web4Africa offers domains, web hosting, virtual servers from web4africa.com

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