WhatsApp reportedly working on a new group blacklist feature

WhatsApp is reportedly working on an all-new Group Privacy Blacklist feature. The new feature will allow users to choose which contacts are allowed to add them to a group and which contacts aren’t.

As reported by WhatsApp Beta Info, there is an upcoming WhatsApp group blacklist feature that will allow users to set up who is allowed to invite them to groups and importantly, who isn’t. Right now, you have the following three options to choose from in your privacy settings with relation to who can invite you to groups, namely “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “Nobody”.

When the WhatsApp group blacklist feature launches you will have “My contacts except” where you can choose specific people to block from inviting you to a group. Sorry, grandma!

No official release date has been confirmed for either Android or iOS devices. When users changed their Group Privacy Settings, they used to be able to block all invitations by using the ‘Nobody’ option to select all of their contacts – now, they can choose to block only selected contacts, allow invitations from only their contacts or from everyone.

This feature is not in effect yet but WhatsApp has reportedly begun implementing beta versions of the Android and iOS applications in India.

In an official blog post, WhatsApp says “These new privacy settings will begin rolling out to some users and will be available worldwide in the coming weeks to those using the latest version of WhatsApp’. However, there is currently no worldwide release date for the new functionality despite the company first introducing it in April 2019.

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