Zain Ghana: How to Pre-Register Your Dream Phone Number

Zain Ghana
Zain Ghana

Due to the overwhelming interest in my previous blog post “Zain Ghana Number Reservation“, I feel obliged to follow it up with a detailed guideline on how to pre-register your phone number on the Zain Ghana network.

I need to point out that Zain Ghana itself, caused some of the confusion on the Internet today. I fail to understand why they preferred a sub-domain like to promote this number reservation drive. Such a not-so-simple sub-domain is very open to mis-spellings and many are those who have been mis-spelling thus being led to the wrong websites, or getting error messages. Zain Ghana should have simply promoted with a re-direct to or dutifully registered with a redirect to Also, I do not see how they could allow to host the phone number reservation application. Of course, I understand that RanCard Mobility is their application developer in this case, but the application should still have been hosted on Zain Ghana’s own website.

Phone number pre-registration is nothing new. Just recently, Etisalat Nigeria heavily promoted its and that same website hosted its pre-registration scheme.

From many on the comments I got on my previous blog post, many complained about not being able to get to the 3rd registration page but I just completed it without a problem and I got a confirmation immediately via SMS and email. I have crossed-out the sensitive details:

Congratulations Oluniyi!
You have successfully reserved your Zain number. Your details are below;
Your Zain Number: 026 XXXXXXX
Reservation Code: XXXXXXXX
Please keep your reservation code safe. You will need it to retrieve your Zain number.
Zain. A Wonderful World.

I feel Rancard could do more by providing a step-by-step detailed guide for the average Kofi and Ama. An FAQ section would also be nice.

For those who find still the reservation website too difficult to use, you may reserve the phone number of your choice by calling Zain Ghana directly on 026-0000111. Better still, you can visit one of the Zain canopies in town. I saw a few of them around Kwame Nkrumah Circle yesterday. Be sure you are dealing with the right people in Zain polo t-shirts and do not pay to anyone to pre-register your Zain Ghana phone number.

Welcome to Ghana, Zain.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. welcome you and big dreams in the future.
    i wish your network will be on top forever in Ghana
    we welcome you and hope your network will be a successful one

  2. I will NOT publish any comments requesting to reserve a Zain Ghana phone number. Only general comments about Zain Ghana will be approved. I have already provided all the necessary information on how to go about that. Thank you very much for visiting. πŸ˜‰

    • Please my problem is that i bought the Zain chip in town and called your customer care and even followed the instructions several times, now this week is the 4th week and yet i dont have my dream zain number on the zain chip i bought in town please help me out.

      Thank you.

      • I have a zain chip in my internet modem but since airtel came into been in ghana I can not re-charge my zain modem with creditS, WHY

  3. Thank you for joining us in Ghana. I hope your presence would bring a difference in the mobile telecommunication industry. I also hope your presence will alleviate the monopoly some telecommunications have placed on the market.

  4. i would like to get my pre-registration number but is very dificult for me to register on ths site so shwo me the process

  5. I am very happy that Zain is coming to rescue us from the victimizing MTN who services are poor nowadays.I hope that you will survive in Ghana and live up to the billing.ZAIN AKWAABA, YE MA MO AYE-KOO.

  6. I think Zain has everyone excited. Now if they don’t do the same MTN did by generating the right interest then break our hearts through poor quality they will do ok.

    I just hope they will pursue the right demographic 18 – 27 demographic for their initially data service drive especially for mobile internet access.

    Wonderful post! David are you coming to the Facebook Developers Garage on Saturday at Legon campus? Great chance to see what Facebook has for Entrepreneurs!

  7. :???:Zain Ghana u gave us a web address to choose our own number but i’ve been trying o open this site to enable me register for the last two weeks and yet still the page is not opening.Please do something fast if your are genuine with your i-choose because i want to choose.

  8. i really like this page.

    to zain, please dont follow the foot step of MTN (Most Troublesome Network). Any way, GLO is on it’s way so the competition is going to be tight.

  9. I am very happy that Zain is coming to rescue us from the victimizing MTN who services are poor nowadays.I hope that you will survive in Ghana and live up to the billing.ZAIN AKWAABA, YE MA MO AYE-KOO.

  10. HI, SIR/MADAM,

  11. I want to know how to register for your wonderful network service. I wish your company all the best. We Ghanaian have the hope that your network will not just add to the number which are already given as problems but will make a difference in the network service in Ghana. Thank you.

  12. πŸ™‚ I want to know how to register for your wonderful network service. I wish your company all the best. We Ghanaian have the hope that your network will not just add to the number which are already given as problems but will make a difference in the network service in Ghana. Thank you.

  13. It is my hope and prayer that your network will be able to stand the test of time,and stand out tall among all other telecommunications networks in Ghana. More greece to your elbow and the best of luck. A word of prayer for u.WO MLI HA NYE OMANYE. πŸ™‚

  14. Remember our expectations are very high for since we’ve been disappointed by almost all the networks. Can please direct me on as to how to register my supposedly reserved number

  15. I’ve heard so much about Zain, I’ve seen so much about Zain. From what I’ve seen and heard, I now hold Zain at a very high esteem. I hope that the board and management of Zain are credible people who know that promises are made to be kept. So far, no other network has lived up to their promises. I wish u luck in ghana.


  17. πŸ˜• It si good that you have come to Ghana and I know very well that with your ads alone you will be more than the rest.

  18. We had a similar offer from Etisalat in Nigeria. It was nice to be offered the opportunity to choose a number that you like. I actually got one and you know what, it was given to me free. First of its kind in Nigeria. πŸ˜€

  19. There is something which is very vital in business and this is competition. Ghanaians are well aware that with the coming of zain, the market will be competitive and the unnecessary exploitation of the currently operating telecommunication networks would dwindle considerably.ZAIN you are welcome.

  20. all who wants to pre-register should simply click on the ZAIN GHANA NUMBER PRESERVATION. then click on the URL address.

  21. ghanaians should be happy now to have zain in our country….i hope they are really going to rescue us from the deadly MTN virus.Zain u are really WELCOME πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  22. πŸ˜₯ πŸ™
    pls i really wnt 2 register cos wen am in 9ja i use celltell nw zain,i really wnt 2 feel 9nja here wit mi in ghana.tnks

  23. I am very happy that Zain is coming to rescue us from the victimizing MTN who services are poor nowadays.I hope that you will survive in Ghana and live up to the billing.ZAIN AKWAABA, YE MA MO AYE-KOO.

  24. i believe mighty zain will better the communication sector with different colour.Ghanaians are rightly behind.Please saved my no.bye

  25. whats up zain ?i hope that you too will not came and put sand sand for our Gari as you have promised to be a good one even though you have not started .So i will like that on your commencement ,you reserve the Zain number 0262 44 14 44 for me.that you and no WAHALA.

  26. U are welcome to Ghana, ZAIN !! we hope u coming to be a good and a better network which will not disturb we Ghanaians. Im saying this cos, most of today’s network are not to my liking, a network that when making a call will tell u that u have no credit in your account but mean while u already have more than 2.oo in your account. its our prayer that ZAIN last longer in GHana and serve Ghanaians better.

  27. There is no registration area at the pre – registration site. Could you please provide us with detailed information on how to pre-register for your (my) zain number. Thank you and welcome to Ghana. I wish your outfit all the best in Ghana. Long live Zain Ghana Ltd, Long live Ghana.

  28. Please help provide us with right information on how to pre-register for my zain line. The web site you provided is not providing us with an area to register our special lines.
    Thank you and welcome to Ghana.

  29. hi i will be very pleased if you could register me with zain network because i’ve tried registering and is not working. help me.

  30. pls can you reserve this number sepecail for me 666666thank you ver much, and we hope this company has come to stay.

  31. i want to register for zain and i do not know how to do it so could you pls make it simple to us …………and also i wish nana akofo addo the greateset repond that by sunday 7 dec 2008 at 12:00 in the morning he will see how far god have made him to ………..NPP will get 54%.NDC 46% thank you my number 0246356928

  32. I welcome Zain to Ghana. my only advise is that, try and keep your promises. I wish u well and may God Almighty help u to succed.

  33. i hope u will not repeat the problem ur competitors are in at the moment .keep a high sense of business and treat ur customer with good customer service ,zain u are welcome to ghana. we from the business world say bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Please help provide us with right information on how to pre-register for my zain line. The web site you provided is not providing us with an area to register our special lines.
    Thank you and welcome to Ghana.0207818210

  35. zain you are welcome to ghana but make sure u don’t end up like the current networks that we have , they all started well but as at now there is nothing good to write home about them now.wish you a happy stay in ghana zain.i will like to work for your branch in Tamale i will like to know if u have an office or branch over there and also do u accept attachment from tertiary students,zain i hope to here from u.

  36. 😐 hello zain i warmly welcome u to ghana ope ur stay will be a benefit to everyone,and i would like to register for a zain number. God help u in whatever u about to do for ghana

  37. This is the life! I met Zain in Tanzania I thought it was some new system, then I met Zain again in Kenya, still I was thinking “is Zain this big”, then I went to Nigeria and saw that Zain was also there; I said ah so Zain is even bigger than I thought. Then by the time I returened to Ghana Zain was already in Ghana. I said hmmm now…I see, this is the life! You are moving faster than I thought. Congratulations!!!

  38. i am underground musician(hip-pop and hip-life)who have compose a nice masive 1 carlarean song for your telecom company to be used as a carlarean song on your network when ever some one call your network line on phone like the way other network does it on their network.for more information about my project please contact me on this number 0246464520/0244614437/0208307735

  39. zain is just like the others. it has not yet began but they all seems to be in the same soup.How can they give us an address to pre-register our dream number and the address will not be working?.In that case are they all not the same?

  40. i registerd ma new zain numbr at kotobabi near the new filling station. i haven’t got my notification code and the guys who registered me are not there any how can i get my code in other to get my number.pls help me

  41. I Would like to know what i should do to enable me go through the registration process.

    I know zain is in to save us from the other telecommunication networks that we already have.

    You guys are good i can feel it.

    Enjoy your stay in Ghana.

  42. goodmorning zain,i have seen your adverts on some people containers and i would like your company to paint our wall zain for advert.its in a very good location and you will love it.thanks.

  43. i am please to be in zain’s family to experience a new network,hope it will not be like the others,please do well to give us good service

  44. zain is not bad from the look of things but let us not be too optimistic cause we have not started using it yet. cause the devil u know is better than the angle u don’t know.MTN CAME LIKE THIS

  45. :mrgreen: i cant keep waiting to start using zain line.hope your services would be the best.wish all workers and staff the best of luck and merry xmas.

  46. I Would like to know what i should do to enable me go through the registration process.

    I know zain is in to save us from the other telecommunication networks that we already have.

    You guys are good i can feel it.

    Enjoy your stay in Ghana.
    am adelaide good byeee

  47. i have not got my zain number yet but i believe u will send it in the next coming days
    my MTN number is 0246988887 and i want my zain number to be 0266988887
    i wll be waiting for it please do well to send me the reply
    thank u

  48. I think your services will be the same as your slogan goes, our dreams would be like a wonderful world. pls, dont disappoint us.

  49. I would be very greatful if you can reserve the following ZAIN number for me: 026505050..CURRENTLY AM ON THE MTN NUMBER 0244128006

  50. stars do not struggle to shine, rivers do not struggle to flow, fish do not struggle to swim. so must you not struggle to succeed in competitions. wishing you all the best and welcome to Ghana.

  51. πŸ™„ pls we need more education on how to join your network, this i think could be passed on to Ghanaians by advertising and showing the procedure to take before having a Zain number

  52. πŸ˜†
    I’m grateful for giving us this opportunity to register on this network. But Please do not only be in Accra and Tema try and let all Regions get the network before you start operation that we all enjoy calling our friends. Also please do not be like the other networks who gives us trouble in the evening. Thanks
    Zain truly a wondderful world. 😎

  53. I am so grateful to Almighty GOD for bringing such a wonderful communication network to Ghana. I hope U will provide Ghanaian people the best of service.
    I am Student Manager (learning Secretaryship and Management Studies) and I hope your company will provide needed jobs for the millions of unemployed Poly and University graduates.
    Please quickly extend your services to Sunyani B/A Region
    Sam NKETIA

  54. I would like to welcome you guys to our nation Ghana. I hope your stay in the telecommunication system will be a fruitful one. Good luck and once again welcome.

  55. Hi Dear, Am trying to pre-register my number on the internet but am finding problems. Please send me the right proceedure through my mail. thanks.

  56. Never worry is all the way for you to know Ghana is now moving forward and nothing ealse you shall surely be the next president of Ghana in Jesus name amen!!!!!!!!

  57. hello to every body is my prayer that this network will not in any way bring us down but it will be the number one network in this country.THANKS TO U ALL.

  58. Its me again. I wish u all the best in your quest to rule the telecom sector in Ghana. I hope u become no.1 and in choosing your employees pls remember me cos i will like to be part of such a great achievement in contributing to the workforce of your company. God bless u

  59. Hi,

    I am happy a keen competitor like you Zain is in the country. You are welcome! I hope you’ll bring the best network for a better communication and a reliable operations at all times.

    Make me proud and let the big world dream come true for me too. Wish you all the best…..

  60. hello zain you are welcome to ghana i hope you will not operate like the already existing telecommunication networks.we hope to have a wonderful world with you.

  61. i thank God Almighty for bringing you the idea to establish such a great project here in Ghana.Wishing you the best of success.

  62. Thank you for joining us in Ghana. I hope your presence would bring a difference in the mobile telecommunication industry. I also hope your presence will alleviate the monopoly some telecommunications have placed on the market AND GOOD NETWORK TO ALL GHANAIAN.

  63. please send to my e-mail what procedures to pass before you can pre register, I am finding it very hard to do. ZAIN you are welcome to GHANA thank you.

  64. helooo zain ghanians like new things but they also like quality services so no matter how 😳 try offer them the two N.Q and u will be on the highers dgrrr

  65. There’s a network that’s laying fiber optic lines and planning to work with it within the coming years. You have said you aim at no. 1 even though you’re starting from the 5th position. How do you plan to compete with this competitor in the next few years?


  66. This is my chosen zain no. Please I need a confirmation if my registration was successful. Thanks πŸ˜› πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜‰

  67. we are yet to see your performance please dont take us for granted
    we will love to use your line forever if and only if u are going to meet our desire
    watch out the cost of communication


  69. i have read all the stuff on the site , but still can’t find how i can i register. I think the phone no. advertise on television is also not going through.

  70. congrats zain for being the new telecommunication netwek in our dear country. i say woezor thus wellcome in my local language.

    how can i sign on zain without going through long que at your joints

  71. Hi,

    David a blog is just great. Thanks for you advice. Now that I have my confirmation number and the chip, what next? πŸ˜• Insert and follow the online(on phone to be precise) instructions?

    Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  72. πŸ˜€ i’m dying to see my people on the new network . please try to cover the rest of the country as soon as possiable so that we can stay connected. “PLEASE DON’T JION THE OUT OF COVERAGE AREA TRIAN”

  73. Just wongering if i could be part of the zain family with my same six digit numbers from my other network.Thanks a lot and wish you all the best in Ghana.

  74. I need to be part of the ‘Wonderful World’ Zain is introducing to Ghana. I don’t want to be a left out.
    Zain, enjoy your stay.

  75. I am abit disapponted with ZAIN!!!!!!

    i got my chip when it came out. So excited to open my package and take the simcard for a cruise. After i inserted the sim in my phone and my phone did not load up properly. I have tried other networks (MTN, Tigo) and it worked perfectly… THIS SUX!!!

  76. Welcome to ghana, i hope you will be the leading telecomunication company very soon in ghana. I would like if you have EDGE modems or not.

  77. I will really like to join the zain family. I believe in what am hearing about it and i know the network is coming to stay and to serve us better. You are welcome.

  78. Can somebody tell me where in Accra the Zain office is located? I’ve been googling any and everything possible but…Just let me know

  79. how could i activate my pre-registered number? I tried (as was in the print media) but was to no avail.
    Kindly help me.
    I really want to get rid of the Most Troublesome Network (MTN).

  80. Thank you for joining us in Ghana. I hope your presence would bring a difference in the mobile telecommunication industry. I also hope your presence will alleviate the monopoly some telecommunications have placed on the market AND GOOD NETWORK TO ALL GHANAIAN.THANK YOU.

  81. Dear David,
    Please alert your readers that they do not necessarily have to reserve a number before using the Zain Chip or SIM card.
    You can buy a chip and use immediately just like other networks.

    Zain just offered subscribers to pick numbers of their choice at the start of operations or you can simply buy and use!!!!!!!

  82. Honestly, I just can’t believe that after a few couple of days of Zain network service in Ghana. We have begin to experience poor network communication which even makes it impossible for us to call TiGo… Or is it that Zain is not entitled to call Tigo? please advice us on what to do… Zain can not call tigo. why so?

  83. i hope ur service are going to be the best in Ghana, because when there is any mistake in ur connection many people in Ghana are going to talk about ur service so please i hope u are going to serve us with ur good service. thank very much for service in Ghana i we wish u happy welcome. marry Christmas and a happy new year.

  84. πŸ™„ I am so much interested in zain net work though is not yet in our locality here in upper west region wa to be precise.

  85. May the clemency of the Lord encompass you as u steer clear of malevolence to achieve this purpose.hope u register me now.lots of luv…………..

  86. pls i have a big problem with zain gh.
    the problem is always when we are making a call,we notice “note active incoming call diverts” this always give us some mind about the network we want to use.
    also sometimes after pre-register on the net, no comfirmation of your registration number is sent to your email address or phone for the activation of your number or new number. pls solve these.

  87. Welcome zain. I have already joined the wonderful world & i’m yet to see how wonderful it is. Keeping my fingers crossed and hope that Zain lives up to its word and really wish that u take the title from MTN

  88. I’m wondering why Zain did not make 026 1/3/5/6/9 available to us to create our own numbers meanwhile newspaper adverts shows all numbers. An explanation would have been good. What is happening between Zain & MTN? Network failure ending calls and its not the same when i use zain to call other networks. Is the fault from Zain or MTN?

  89. Hi ZAIN,

    I am highly proud of you emergence, i have certainly taken you to an exception due to your quality services provided. The only advice is to let you know how togth de competetion going to, please fasten the sort of communication you offer as the best amongst your competetors…. to render a powerful service ever…THANK YOU..


  90. I am Isaiah kwofie I want to register for the zain new number so please let me the necessary proceedure so that I can register. Thank you.

  91. Hi guys,is there any problem with Zain network today,I am trying to make just get erro in connection.Any help please??????

  92. Thank you, I have gone through the pre-registration and received my code. But, please what next? How do I retrieve my number?

  93. i’m wondering why you are having network problems. Let’s all bear in ming that there is nothing perfect in this world. Even as we place so much confidence in Zain, let us not forget that its technology and technology is man-made. Man-made things will always have faults!!

  94. Hi,i hope this network will not be a disappointment, because we the citizens of this country Ghana will not like to be disappointed again with this their so called quality services which gets us stuck in the middle of an urgent call,for this reason i welcome zain to Ghana and hope all Ghanaians will do the same.
    NOTE: Please don’t throw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians. πŸ˜†

  95. i am very happy to get the most wonderful network in ghana . which makes peoplle extremely thrill. it is indeed a wonderful world because it has change GHANAwhich helps MILLS to made the change during the election.

  96. Goodluck zain gh .bat yur numbers shld be cover so dat there not be selection of numbers.thxn u 4 yur good network .I REGISTER MY NUMBER ON THE INTERNET SO WHERE CAN I GET MY NOS.BYEEEE

  97. how come only few weeks of operating, zain has captured the mind of ghanaians living aside the other competitors? i quess they are doing what is required of them. pls can u fix me somewhere in your company? i will begrade if these privilage will be assended onto me. that is my mail

  98. I am finding it very dificult to customer my require zain on the internet and I have been trying it day in day out.
    How then do I get the form to fill sir?

  99. Hi,
    From the highest authority is you that i greet. From the bottom of my heart i cordially invites you to read this my humble appeal letter. I hope with the special grace of the Almighty God everything is moving on smoothly. As we are the wonderful world.
    I really want to join the zain line today to really really enjoy the wonderful world.
    Will like to end here not forgetting to say that you should you should keep the marvelous work done.
    Bye for now.
    Yours faithfully,
    Iddi Abdul Aziz.

  100. I love Zain so far,though there is no network in my area,but i like it,i am sure by a year or two, they will become the best network in Ghana.

  101. πŸ™‚ happy to hear from you ZAIN.We really need you to solve this headache thing of network problems in OBUASI.Rush down to obuasi and you will never regret.

  102. Happy to hear about ZAIN.We the people of Wusuta in Kpando District or North Dayi District of the Volta Region need you to solve communication network problems in Wusuta for us.Rush down to Wusuta we need your help and you will never regret.
    My contact number is Divine Kpoku 0208184048.

  103. I would like to be part of this wonderful world you bring to people. I would like to make a humble appeal, that you give customers quality service at all times. i would to pre-register with the number 0266729675. i hope my request will be given the needed attention. thank you and may God bless us all

  104. welcome to ghana zain I will like to ask if you can allowing me to register as a distrebutorship for the zain product because I am more interested of your network sericve and I want to invest money on if you may allowd me thank u. πŸ˜• 😐

  105. ZAIN, i know u are going to be second to none among all the networks companies in Ghana,I will say in my Language “AMAARABA”meaning u are welcome.In-fact all the networks i am using have failed me,which i need to forgo them for reliable and speedy network.I hope u will not also disappoint me.Please i would be very delighted if u could kindly activate this pre-registered no of mine,the number is 0264067166

  106. please i need to know much about the procedures involved in the registration because the website provided is not giving me what is required. thanks for your concerned.

  107. You are very welcome to Ghana.I would like to be part of this wonderful world of ZAIN.I have writen to you several times but i dont know why my requests have not been granted. I know ZAIN is the best network and I want to be part of the best. Please offer me a place in your wonderful network. I would like to use this number 0265823643. I hope my request would be granted the needed attention this time round. Than you very much.

  108. been trying to pre register a number on zain ghana but what fascinates me most is that although it seems that zain have outsourced that activity to rancard mobility, they seem to have forgotten that we the customers will be more than happy with the URL that will allow us to preregister the number. i know its on rancard mobility but i still have forgotten the URL. i need it badly !!!!

  109. Hi there,
    I am very glad to hear about Zain.Wondeful,that is good.My name is Babamu from Tamale to be precise “Zogbeli”,Zain u are most welcome.But i am having a problem with your Ichoose website.I wanted to pre-register my dream number.It is asking of an Authentication reguired which involves USERNAME AND PASSWORD.I think the is a fault with your Domain name.This is my E-mail address:[email protected] to hear from u soon

  110. Watz up zain,

    i love zain cus so far so good. the best call rating & best of all, you pay this month, zain pay next month….oohhh wat a network…
    zain …mu be ku mi…
    all the best to the technical team.

    thanx… πŸ™‚

  111. i want to preregister my zain number but how can i do it i have try the ways at first the normal do it i hope to here from u soon

  112. πŸ˜€ i love the network and everything about it. its just like the best we are still enjoying, tiGO.
    what i enjoy about it is the internet browser. its really cheap and you beat them all with that. thank you for coming into my world.

  113. am happy zain have come to stay and hope they will remain forever and take us to the world beyond. Thank you zain for coming.

  114. Since i apply to pre-register ma number i have being finding it difficult to and i dont know why.

    Sometimes they will tell congrate that a can go ahead with the pre-registration and at the end they will tell me they enable to to complete the registration because they send me mail through my email address.

    I really need to use ma number please help me.

  115. Dear Zain,
    please i made a reservation for a new zain number last year and yet i have not recieved any confirmation about it or heard from you , why?
    my name is abubakar abia and my number is 0266 966966,am using the same nuber right now on mtn network,
    please let me hear from you soon.

    thank you for your co operation.

  116. 😳 I will like to be subscriber of this wonderful network in GHANA. How will i register? Hoping to hear you

  117. A wonderful world indeed.Most often people judge the good works you will do that is why i have been convinced to use your network.Please help me to change number 0207393914 to a zain number.

  118. I will like to be subscriber of this wonderful network in Ghana
    I want register my number and how will I get it

  119. Zain you are the best just try hard to beat mtn because the give low quality service. I want to choose my number how do I go about it .WELCOME ZAIN .

  120. Ayikooooooo Zain we welcome to a wonder full world of zain Now that we Ghannian we have satify because weve got what we want. what ea wonderfull Network .

  121. hello
    i would like to know much about your internet how to connect, how much it will cost and all that i need.

    thank you

  122. I cannot register my dream number and I thing that the process is too difficult for me change.
    My pack no. is 0261294113 and i wont this no. 0267775288
    Thank you.

  123. yeah it is cool and i have reserved my number and I have reserved for some of my friends and relatives and hope to do more for I have come to truth your services. keep it up>

  124. i please i want you to help me to register my number because i was using the other network and it was not help me so please i`m counting on you,try your maximum best to help me again.

  125. please i want to my zain number.please help me make the choice i zain number is 0266487824 and i want to change it to 0268198234.with all pleasure thank you.hoping to hear from you soon.

  126. Please i will want my zain number .The number to change from 0261798775 to 0266621010. I hope my request would be granted.


  127. i have regester myy number and i waz given my code but mistakenil,i msplaced it so it there any other way i could retrieve it back

  128. :roll:: πŸ˜• am still stack on the 3rd stage and cant seem to get past wondering what the problem could be.I say this because the first time it was much much easy.Why this one

  129. Hello Zain, am glad to be a customer. My problem is, i bought a zain chip, had my dream number working until my phone had a problem. I bought a new phone and when i inserted the sim, it tells me registration failed, my number is 0264193461, please help me out, i really need that sim back working. Thank you



  132. i must say zain is a good network so far. but please i have slight problem with them. i used zain network and also have their 3.5 ego moderm for internet browsing. since the time i bought it i`ve been unable to used it becos the signal is very bad at my place. i cant even receive calls when i`m in the house. i depend on the missed notification to see my incoming calls. i`ve reported many times but no changes has been made to it. pls i love zain so much so dont dissapoint me with this one. thankyou. my location is at ayigya-tech junction at kumasi, ashanti region of ghana. number 0262666355

  133. I will be very grateful if you could change my Zain number 0265519870 to my MTN number 0244631888.because i want to stop using MTN network.

  134. i think am luv with dis network zain……,especially their browsering rate is cul,their cal nd zap too,we thanks u

  135. Please I would like to register my Zain number as 0267124846. However, am on a new Zain number which has not yet been used, that is 0267761819

  136. I am from Tamale the northern regional capital of Ghana, I want to know how Zain internet connections works.
    thank you

  137. I live at Gbechile I am new on your net work but,through this registration exercise i found out that, the service is not stable in part of northern region.due to that people are only reserve their number.

  138. hello MR. Godfred and Mr senam all of Airtel ghana, am sorry my chip is not working therefore i will be glade if you two can please open it for me thanks

  139. am from Ghana, am using MTN number 0244159990.i have an Airtel number 0263241128 and i want it to be converted to 0266159990. Thanks for your wanderful services.

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