1-grid launches its latest online solution

With South Africa’s significant shift towards digital transformation in the last year, more people are online and connecting to each other from various locations, in South Africa and beyond. With the rise in online activity, 1-grid decided to launch a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution, to provide browsers with an added layer of security as well as freedom on the web.

With the latest encryption protocols and over 50 global server locations available, users will have unrestricted and anonymous access to all the online content they want.

“We decided to launch a VPN product to provide an online solution that offers complete privacy and web freedom, in a time where digital communication and browsing is at an all-time high. Businesses and personal browsers can work and connect remotely with complete ease and security, via the help of VPNs. We are confident that our solution will provide browsers with ultimate freedom on the web, safely and securely” says 1-grid CEO, Thomas Vollrath.

What does the 1-grid VPN offer users?

The 1-grid VPN offers a versatile and complete browsing solution, including the following features:

  • Windows and Mac device compatible
  • High speed servers for fast browsing and streaming
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • The latest, military-grade encryption
  • 53 global server locations
  • A no data storage policy
  • DNS leak protection
  • Up to ten device connections per account

With the 1-grid VPN, you can:

Safeguard your sensitive information

Whether you’re travelling abroad and using public Wi-Fi, or have multiple devices which house personal information, the 1-grid VPN product encrypts your data and hides your IP address to ensure all your information is inaccessible to hackers.

The product makes use of the latest encryption technology so that your information cannot be intercepted, no matter your location or the device you are using.

The 1-grid VPN also does not allow advertisements or collection of data by third parties.

Have one account for multiple devices

Whether you have a team working for you, or you work across multiple devices, the product allows coverage for up to ten devices, simultaneously.

This feature allows you to avoid multiple subscriptions, while keeping your data and location hidden across all of your devices no matter the location.

Get unfiltered internet browsing

Certain content may be unavailable to you if it’s produced in another region. With the 1-grid VPN you can choose a different server location from the 53 available to you, and gain access to all the content you’re looking for.

The 1-grid product even allows you to choose your home location while abroad, so that you don’t miss out on any local content that you’re following.

While content access is unlimited, your internet speed will continue to be as fast as your connection allows. As the product hides your IP address, you will not be subject to bandwidth throttling of any kind.

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