Ghana 2008: The Super Eagles failed to fly

Ghana 2008: Nigeria Vrs Cote d'Ivoire in Sekondi As if loosing to Cote d’Ivoire was not bad enough, Nigeria’s senior national team played a goal-less draw with their Malian counterparts this evening at the Sekondi stadium in the Western Region of Ghana.

After two matches the Super Eagles have not yet registered a goal. Their only chance of staying in this Ghana 2008 tournament is for Cote d’Ivoire to beat Mali and for them to beat Benin thoroughly.

Tonight’s match is very dissappointing for me and I am glad I was not in the stadium to witness Nigeria play draw with Mali.

What are you thoughts about this match? Does Nigeria stand a real chance of going anywhere near the cup following their abysmal performance so far? 

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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  1. personally i think the super eagle are a big disgrace at the moment, they have no ambition and so even if they do qualify the will not reach the semi finals, not from what i’ve seen fin both matches. i mean this stupid coach we just hired played seven strikers yesterday, who does that ? and still we had no attacking killer instict to create any usefull chance. only a complete turn arround can save that team.

  2. It is very disappointing to watch the “Super eagles” displaying such piece of football at a continental showpiece! The only hope is for Ivory Coast to beat Mali, and even if they beat Mali, with such a performance, I don’t believe the Nigerians have the ability to score more than a goal. Another hindrance to the Nigerian National Team is the coach, I don’t even think he is a visionary manager, he looks puzzled every time the camera is flashed on him!!! I am certain he doesn’t know what he is doing. Why did he replace Martins, with Yakubu on the pitch??? Yakubu is slow, overweight, and since the beginning of the contest he made little or no effort at all to score a goal, at least I saw Martins making quality runs, coupled with efforts!.. This type of play by the Super Eagles is a disgrace to the Nigerian fans around the world, like me who is Namibian but a great fan of the Super Eagles, I was always proud of the Nigerian, but I guess with this piece of football they are playing, I must say the Brave Warriors are more of fighters than the current Super Eagles! The coach should be replaced, and new blood of players are needed, players with courage and who are passionate to score for their country. Uche, Nsofor, Martins, and Osaze must definitely be in the starting line up, ahead of Benin… Super Eagles need a win even though advancing to the next level would be miraculous. It will be embarrassing for Nigeria to be eliminated in the group stage without a goal and a win!

    Hope is all I got, please Obi do us proud!


  3. 😯 I will rather pray that we live the tournament now than face being disgrace by a more prepared team. In that way we will go back to the drawing board.

  4. Well, the truth is more than ever before the Eagles let all Nigerians down by their unwholesome performance during their first two matches. I must say Kanu Nwankwo doesn’t seem to be at it at all this time around. We are yet to have a proper experience of the Chelsea player on the pitch!:smile:
    Today, we celebrate their super victory over Benin and hope that they continue to advance in style of play and coordination(Vogtz!:grin: ) Hopefully we should bring the cup home!! we all need to be optimistic about this….besides we are FIFA’s no.1 in Africa. Simply shows that the boys can perform if they want to..

  5. Watever! . the super eagles might have falling, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t rise. it’s not the last of them either. think of the future, the kids growing up! it’s gon be hell 4 u guys Ghana, so don’t fink u have the best of us. the eagle fell sick, needs a vet n by the time the vet is done… you lots gonna see the extremely best of super eagles. so u better be careful n get a life. cos we have one, and we love it and we are building. Love my boys kanu, yakubu, yobo, mikel n lots more. you lots are real eagles, it wouldn’t be long when u get the new wings nigerian are working on, n u gon fly again. this time never touch down, you were meant to be up! once again

  6. The Super Eagles of Nigeria have finally failed the Nation bringing to an end what several Nigerians have feared. No thanks to Berti Vogts, the first known coach in the world famous for coaching a national team and hoping to win without any pattern or formation.

    It is surprising that our Nation, Nigeria (Naija) with all our money accruing from oil cannot hire a respectable and first class coach to handle our national team. I think the solution is far beyond white or local coach, what Nigerians are saying now is give us a foreign NFA chairman because the present board of NFA cannot take care of our football matters.

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