Glo Mobile to leave Ghana?

Glo Mobile Ghana has shifted its launch date several times. This is due to a myriad of challenges facing the telecom company with rolling-out its network in Ghana having been licensed to operate a cellular network a few years ago. Things appear to have got worse over the months and Glo Mobile is now seriously considering leaving Ghana altogether, even before it has launched its network commercially.

Glo Mobile to quit? Daily Graphic frontpage report
Glo Mobile to quit? Daily Graphic frontpage report

The front page of Ghana’s leading newspaper Daily Graphic, today offers a deep insight into the woes of Glo Mobile in Ghana:

Major telecommunications operator, Glo Mobile, intends to pull out of Ghana, an authoritative source close to the company has disclosed.

The Daily Graphic gathered over the weekend that the telecommunications giant had decided to divest its investment in the country and exit Ghana as it faced several challenges from some interests bent on sabotaging the company’s nation-wide take-off plan.

A source close to the company disclosed that some of the challenges the company had faced since it was awarded a GSM licence by the National Communications Authority (NCA) included an encroachment on the frequency allocated to it by the NCA, the repeated sabotage of its billboards and the delay in securing approval for the swift deployment of its infrastructure, such as base stations.

It said officials of the company were concerned that while the company had been working at a frenetic pace to formally roll out the network, some forces had been deliberately working around the clock to cripple its operation and prevent it from rolling out quickly, to the detriment of the Ghanaian society.

Another source close to the company said the operator’s management felt that its infrastructure in the country was not getting adequate protection from the law enforcement agencies.

Efforts to get the official reaction from the company to the development proved abortive, but it was gathered that the company would soon serve the government with its notice to quit.

The source, which was privy to the outcome of a recent meeting held by senior management staff of the company on the issues, said Glo was displeased with the various acts of vandalism and would be relieved if the law enforcement agencies apprehended the perpetrators and exposed them.

When contacted, a senior official of Glo Mobile Ghana, Mr Derek Obuobi, said he would not comment on the matter now.

Glo Mobile Ghana recently embarked on a massive deployment of outdoor advertising structures, comprising billboards, light boxes, lamp post signs and brand marks (branded lit globes), throughout Accra as part of the build-up towards the nation-wide launch of its operations in Ghana.

However, immediately after the deployment of the outdoor advertising materials, which generated a lot of positive remarks, a number of the structures were vandalised by unknown persons.

In February, about 15 light boxes mounted from the Airport Traffic Light median to the Opeibea House Traffic Light were destroyed with the flexi materials used on both sides of the units torn. One of the Glo brand marks mounted in Accra was also destroyed.

About two weeks ago, about 16 light boxes installed by Glo from the King Tackie Tawiah Overpass to Busy Internet were also vandalised.

“Every single unit, with materials made from top grade flexi was defaced with a sharp object, suspected to be a knife or a razor blade,” the source said.

“It was curious that light boxes belonging to another telecom operator deployed within the same stretch continuing from Busy Internet to the Kwame Nkrumah Circle were left unscathed,” it said.

In December last year, some people were apprehended and handed to the police while they were attempting to sabotage a Glo mast located at the Baatsona area of Accra.

“It is clear that these acts of lawlessness are being perpetrated to frustrate Glo’s roll-out plans,” the source said.

Another major area of concern for Glo is the ban on the erection of telecom masts by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The development is said to have affected Glo the most, it being the only network building a nationwide telecoms company from scratch.

“Glo is losing the opportunity to make revenue, for every day there is a delay in launching its network. I believe that is why it is worried,” the source said.

Since Glo was granted a licence to operate in Ghana, it has invested huge resources to deploy a nationwide state-of-the-art infrastructure. It has also devoted millions of dollars to the sponsorship of the Ghana Premier League., the national football teams, and the Ghana National Supporters Union.

An investment expert who preferred anonymity said it would be a major setback to the efforts of the government to attract foreign direct investment, generate employment and stimulate economic growth should Glo pull out of Ghana. He urged the government to intervene on the issue.

At the recent presentation of cheques by Glo to the Ghana Football Association (GFA) for the impressive performance of the Black Stars at the last edition of the African Cup of Nations, the Minister of Communications gave the assurance that the government would give Glo all the support it required to enable it to roll out its services.

Two leading telecom brands have launched in Ghana over the past two years: Vodafone and Zain. None of them experienced this amount of sabotage and were able to launch their brand/services within their scheduled time frame. I am compelled to wonder if this is xenophobic or if those who would be adversely affected (competitors) are behind these extensive sabotage. I am waiting to see what action the Government of Ghana would take to protect the heavy investment of Glo Mobile.

There couldn’t be a better way to address Globacom Ltd at this time than a comment left on this blog by Yeboah-Twum Kenneth:

i read in the Daily Graphic that Glo Ghana to quit. infact i was vexed cos i don’t understand why anyone will try to sabotage u. u better find a way to let the government apprehend them. please don’t leave Ghana. we love u for u effort. it is due to ur one start nationwide coverage that’s why people are trying to to bring you down but have a little faith as Kenny Rogers said. you will be the best telecommunication network in Ghana i promise you


  1. It is obvious that the lousy communications companies we have who stand to lose market share are those behind this nonsense. What however pisses me off is the government itself. I mean look these guys are going to bring in employment, aside from the healthy competition they are going to bring.

    And they have let things gotten to this stage. The same government will go round the world begging for people to come and invest when its own inactions are sending investors away. I am really left to wonder if we really have leaders who have an ounce of brain in their heads!

  2. They just have not paid their rights into the governments pokets while the competition are going so. They are not going any where its just a marketing move. They want and need Ghana.

    They sound like babies drinking their mothers milk did they think it would be easy when MTN and others are ripping us off that they will lay a red carpet on the floor to put them out of business? Hey thats business in Ghana live with it! put up or shut up! ask the Ghanaian busness people they will tell you all about it. How do you make a stone ride on water?

  3. Is it me or cant any one else see that all the fon networks in Ghana have price fixing in common. what says that Glo will not follow in the same lines?

  4. Let me empatically say that, our leaders together with all opion leaders in our beloved country “Ghana” are disappointing the present youth. What is sabotage? our country needs progress and progress would come from investment.

    Why should the government and it officials look on for MTN and other networks, “who are cheating Ghanaians” to sabotage a another colleage company who has come to offer our younger brothers and sisters a job.

    Indeed we should bow down our heads in shame. Though telecommunication competition here in Ghana is very strong, yet we cant allow just one or two networks to deny investors.

    We (Leaders of the nation,and NCA) should think twice and very (I mean, VERY) FAST.

    A word to a wise is enough. God bless our nation GHANA.

  5. Quite frankly we’re relieved Adenuga left.We’e not against Nigerian business per se but Glo in particular is true to all negative stereotypes of Nigerians

  6. The so called leaders in the market are afraid of the mighty glo,but we’re still waiting patiently for you,no matter what happen,we’re solidly behind you.gloghana.Best Regards

  7. Those scared to be ruled out of the ‘game’ want globacom out of the system. They cheat on us by charging higher rates on their good for nothing services. It is very embarrasing that Ghanaians have been hired to demolish billboards mounted by a West African telecommunications company by people who we don’t know about their origin. For E.P.A I hope they have not been bought to take their such decisions about Globacom. And I hope the Government of Ghana is going to do as it has promised to help create employment. I think anybody found trying to destroy any of the Glo installations should be made to expose those behind Glo’s sabotage, because I don’t think people trying to sabotage glo will themselves come on the streets to destroy billboards because they will be in glo’s kind of business but lacking ideas to grow. and be made to pay 7 times the cost of what ever had been destroyed so far and also be made to stop whatever businesses they are undertaking in the country. For we can’t allow people who can’t use their brains to compete but rather go on the street to destroy billboards to fraustrate glo. Also I would like to tell E.P.A that Globacom is not green for been just been green sake. But that even show their love for a healthy and clean environment. Ghana government should also realize that the internet is everywhere and every intended investor can also get access to this embarrassing news. So government should take a positive action. Further, I want to assure globacom Ltd. especially to Dr. Adenuga that they shouldn’t mind any opposing force and that globacom should come. All ghanaians are waiting to be set free of expensive calls and tortoise speed internet service. I have already started campaigning for globacom in my area. Addy Bernard. University of Ghana – Legon, Accra.

  8. chalie glo Chile out yaah no yawa to u at all, we all behind u an hope NPP will come n’ save us in 2012 in God’s name Amen

  9. MTN called themselves giant in Ghana, why are they afraid to contend with globacom. we all can not gain job opportunity with MTN alon, most of us have been waiting for Glo and have forwarded our applications to them. I don’t why mtn in there greed want to deprive us of the opportunity of being employ. But God will surely help Globacom through this

  10. Its really a big blow to Ghana.. Government beg investors to invest in their country and cant even protect the company’s intrest… the government should do something about this…. and its realy foolish for ghanian citizens to be used to distroy their own future for just chicken change. its really painful, ghanians wakeup from ur slumber. the west will not build ur nation for you, its we africans that will… mtn and the other networks in ghana even in Nigeria are all been intemidated by Glo… they are really a treat to them all, but Glo will prevel. we love u glo.. rule ur world. oras nigeria

  11. i am a pastor from Ghana and i am having a message from God about what is happening to glo company in Ghana. pls call me 00233247078051

  12. GHANA should be so lucky to be rid of a dishonest, exploiting and unethical element such as GLOBACOM in their country. Globacom are not doing anything but causing damage and distress through their dishonesty and unethical behaviour wherever they go. The company has left behind a trail of debt in South Africa. Used and abused suppliers and one year later they still have not paid their bills. Their spokesperson Tunde Kaitell and director Gladys Talabi do not reply to emails nor do they take calls. Exploitation is their core value and they have no respect for anything or anybody. They deserve no support. Our company, along with a bunch of others who have been victims of their shameful behaviour are working hard to make it known to all in our industry to ensure the message spreads and suppliers refuse to work with this ridiculous company at any level. They are bad, bad news. Stay away if you can!

  13. Infact, the whole of Ghana is waiting for you.Dont mind the so call sabotizers.We right at your back.GLO- RULE YOUR WORLD.

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