XYZ Registry acquires 4 Domain Extensions from L’Oréal

These 4 are in addition to the .quest domain extension it recently acquired from a Hong Kongese IT company LLC, a domain name registry operator, has acquired some 4 domain extensions from the French fashion conglomerate L’Oreal in a big boost to its existing domain portfolio.

The company acquired .beauty, .makeup, .hair and .skin from L’Oréal with completion on 10 January 2020, according to information made public by ICANN.

A screenshot from ICANN's website as taken on 6 Feb 2020, highlighting the latest acquisitions by XYZ Registry.
A screenshot from ICANN’s website as taken on 6 Feb 2020, highlighting the latest acquisitions by XYZ Registry.

L’Oréal TLDs

L’Oréal is the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty product manufacturer; it applied for 15 new gTLDs in ICANN’s gTLD expansion program. 5 of the 15 were gTLDs for generic terms related to its business interests (.beauty, .skin, .makeup, .salon, .hair), and the other 10 are Brand TLDs representing brands it owns (.redken, .lancome, etc.); one of its 10 brand applications is an IDN (.欧莱雅) for “L’Oréal” in Hans Chinese.

L’Oréal hardly made use of the 4 acquired new TLDs with only .makeup have about 220 active domain names.

The French company – which failed in its acquisition of .salon as this was delegated to Donuts – has since dropped all of the Brand TLDs.


The 4 new acquisitions by XYZ Registry are in addition to another acquisition in November 2019 of .quest from Hong Kong-based Quest ION (HK) Limited.

The IT company had not made use of .quest with only 2 .quest domains ever registered, before its sale to XYZ Registry.

XYZ’s Plans

According to a release by the XYZ Registry, they are expanding their domain portfolio by gaining the exclusive rights to five new domain name extensions that will be made available to the public in 2020.

They are promoting .quest as “the expert new domain that signifies the solution to any search.”

“2020 marks an exciting new decade of consumer choice and affordable, creative naming options. XYZ’s mission as a technology company is to inspire and empower everyone to start or expand their great idea with a memorable domain name ending. We are excited
to bring five new domain choices to the world this year for individuals, businesses and extraterrestrials to enjoy. Boom!”



The launch of these new TLDs will make XYZ Registry the operator of 17 domain extensions with 12 of these based on acquisitions.

TLDAcquired fromDate
.rentDERRent, LLC10 March 2015
.protectionSymantec Corporation2 June 2015
.theatreKBE gTLD Holding Inc5 June 2015
.securitySymantec Corporation11 June 2015
.storageSelf Storage Company LLC18 April 2017
.monsterMonster Worldwide, Inc.,24 October 2018
.babyJohnson & Johnson Services, Inc.19 November 2018
.questQuest ION Limited11 November 2019
.skinL’Oréal10 January 2020
.makeupL’Oréal10 January 2020
.hairL’Oréal10 January 2020
.beautyL’Oréal10 January 2020

XYZ Register is the operator of the popular .xyz domain extension.

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