Nigeria Prominent Expatriate Awards 2020 (Maiden Edition)

Nigeria Prominent Expatriate Awards (NIGPEA) 2020 will honour all successful and outstanding expatriate who have achieved milestones in various fields of any sector in Nigeria

NIGPEA 2020 promises to shine a light on the world-class prominent investors in Nigeria. It beckons a unique opportunity for the expat community in Nigeria to network, connect, and share mind-blowing moments with distinguished expatriate executives that have greatly demonstrated excellence & innovation in evolving the economy.

It is an evening to reward long term excellence service of the expatriate in their various sectors and moments of celebration of their milestones.

The expatriates have promoted cultural diversity in their respective organizations, which has resulted in the productivity and higher yields of Nigeria’s economic capabilities.

The contribution and achievements of expatriates are rarely celebrated or recognized in most countries; hence, the event seeks to celebrate Top 25 Nigeria Prominent Expatriate Leaders, who have demonstrated excellence in building a sustainable business and creating value in their host country.


InstinctWave, Africa’s premium B2B event & media specialist announces the maiden edition of the Nigeria Prominent Expatriate Awards 2020 (NIPEA), scheduled to hold on 20th March, 2020 at the Oriental Hotel in Lekki, Lagos.

According to Mr. Akin Naphtal, CEO of InstinctWave, “…ultimately, expatriates bring on board a unique set of skills and an understanding of cultural differences and how it relates to business processes.”

“This set of amazing individuals have made Nigeria their home – they truly deserve a once in a lifetime recognition. That is why the 2020 NIPEA will honour expatriates who have set benchmarks of hard work, dedication, the passion that has transformed businesses in Nigeria.” He added.

Rewarding these successful expatriates will be momentous to the winner and their peers within the expat community.

The night promises to be an evening of exceptional networking with the expat community and stakeholders that have supported them in achieving success in Nigeria.

The event takes place on 20 March 2020 at Lagos Oriental Hotel.

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