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World AIDS Day – South Africa & Swaziland

On World AIDS Day, the news came flashing that South Africa's top court sides with same-sex marriage

Pilot who flew in Gov. Diepreye Alamieyeseigha arrested

Interesting things are happening in Nigeria these days. Pilot who flew in Alamieyeseigha arrested. read on!

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS day. My mind.

Ghanaian MP Eric Amoateng arrested for trafficking heroin

The government in Ghana has confirmed that a member of parliament has been arrested in the United States for alleged involvement in drug smuggling. Eric Amoateng was detained by the US authorities in connection with the alleged trafficking of 136 pounds of heroin, worth some $6m, a minister said.

How Diepreye Alamieyeseigha jumped bail and returned to Nigeria

That the Bayelsa Governor had disappeared from London and re-appeared in Nigeria is no longer news. The ridiculous part is how this 'mafia-style' operation was carried out. Read on...

President Obasanjo’s Third Term in Office

What is this I am hearing about President Obasanjo wanting to extend his stay in office by making it possible for him to stand as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

A Night At Ankobra Beach Resort, Axim, Ghana

Saturday, 13th November 2005 is a memorable day indeed. I spent the night at Ankobra Beach Resort close to Axim in the Western Region of Ghana.

2Face Idibia no finish school?

2Face Idibia, which one be which?

India attempting to undercut Nigeria’s Communication Satellite programme

India is attempting to undercut Nigeria's Communication Satellite programme

Goodbye Stella Obasanjo & Indepth Photos

Stella Obasanjo is dead and buried. May her soul have a sweet rest.

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