Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Feature Article

Cell Phone On Wheels, Hello To Grave

The risks of talking on mobile phones, handheld or handsfree, whilst driving are grave but Nigerians have kept talking on wheels. Elegantly dressed and looking...

Get Ready For Mobile Commerce In Africa

Picture this - Your car is stuck in a jam on Uhuru Highway on your way to the Airport. Your mobile phones lights up...

Africa’s Booming Mobile Markets: Can The Growth Curve Continue?

Africa's mobile markets have expanded rapidly in recent years, with mobile penetration levels now far outstripping those of fixed-lines across most of the continent....

GSM Evolution In Ghana

What can be described as the GSM evolution in Ghana, started essentially as way back as November 1996 with the launch of the first...

Mobile Data: Bridging The Internet Divide In Africa

The need for Nigeria to bridge the digital divide and improve internet penetration has been discussed for years. The need is immense and it...


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