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Ghana’s trotro – a viewpoint

Coleen Ross, a CBC radio and TV reporter, choose Ghana as destination, during her vacation early last year. She wrote an article published on...

TV3 Mentor in Ghana

TV3 Ghana had earlier this year launched a reality show aimed at producing "music stars". TV3 Mentor is the biggest reality show on the screens...

West African blogs Round-Up

Another round-up of West African blogs is available at Global Voices.

Ghanaians eating maggots?

A headline jumped at me this afternoon from one of the papers displayed at a newspaper stand nearby: "Ghanaians eating maggots?" I chuckled to myself,...

Another June 12 is here

Some 13 years ago, exactly on the 12th June 1993, Nigerians queued nationwide, to democratically select a new President who would run the affairs...

One of Africa’s most powerful women

This blog round-up by yours truly was initially published on Global Voices under the heading: Up close with Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on Sunday, May...

Nigeria Internet Exchange

Under the current democratic dispensation, Nigeria has been witnessing much more technological development. Name it: Aviation, Telecommunications, Internet connectivity, technology-driven banking etc. Never mind...

Graphcard Offers Online Payment Solutions To Africa

Within a span of just 15 years since its widespread introduction, the Internet has radically changed the face of the world. The number of...

Zenith Bank in Ghana

Commercial Banks in Ghana might not know what is about to hit them yet. Not too long ago, (2005 precisely) Zenith Bank opened its...

Jonga.co.za – South Africa’s Newest Search Engine

Jonga.co.za - South Africa's Newest Search Engine. I got to know about Jonga.co.za a few weeks before its launch, via BalancingAct Africa.


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